MASA Planet Newsletter


We are currently seeking an editor for our award-winning newsletter!  If you are interested, please contact MASA President, Art Gibbens, at

All issues of the MASA Planet are available for download from the MASA web site as PDF files.  The newsletter may include items such as:  upcoming events, articles, launch reports, meeting minutes, product reviews, rocket plans, and lots of other stuff!

At NARAM 50, the MASA Planet was awarded the prestigious North American Rockwell Trophy for the best NAR Section newsletter for 2008.  (Also known as the LAC Trophy.)  At NARAM 51 in 2009, the Planet was awarded the trophy for the second year in a row!  At NARAM 52 in 2010, it won for the third year!

Current and old newsletters are available as downloadable PDF documents on the website at Planet Online.

All MASA members are encouraged to submit items for publication in the newsletter.  Whether you have a one-time submission, or you'd like to write a regular article or column, we'd love to hear from you!

The volunteer editor position is open.  If you are interested, please contact us!

Article submissions should be in Microsoft Word format or in plain text format.  For other types of files, please check with the editor first.  Please submit photographs as separate files; please do not embed them into documents.  High-resolution (original size) photographs are preferred so that they may be resized and cropped as necessary for publication.