MASA Membership

How do I join MASA?

 What members receive from the club:

  • Six issues per year of the MASA Planet newsletter.
  • A name badge which you can proudly wear to launches and meetings.  This badge also acts as your membership card.  At some local hobby stores, you may present your badge for a 10% merchandise ("club") discount!
  • Monthly club meetings including discussions, educational experiences, and fun stuff!  Also, the annual summer picnic and December holiday party.
  • Monthly club launches where you can join fellow rocketeers and "fly with the best of 'em"
  • Support from other members.  If you have a rocketry question, there's a lot of knowledge here that you can draw upon.
  • The ability to participate in contests, tours, and more..
  • Occasionally, very special events come upon MASA members.  For example, MASA members were able to attend a special, free, advance screening of the movie "October Sky".

What the club expects from its members:

  • That you will attend and support club activities to the fullest extent possible.
  • That you will follow the model rocketry safety code.
  • That you work to make this a better club, a better experience, and a better resource for your fellow members.
  • That you be a good rocketry ambassador, and that you, on occasion, be willing to help with rocketry "outreach" programs in your community.

How do I join MASA?