Community Involvement and Outreach Efforts

MASA supports many community outreach efforts.  Some examples include:

Demonstration launches for groups such as girl scouts, boy scouts, 4H, Civil Air Patrol, and school groups.

Classes for groups about how rockets work and about elements of the hobby.

Rocket-building sessions with groups such as girl scouts, boy scouts, 4H, Civil Air Patrol, and school groups.  

(We are not able to provide rocket kits and engines to groups.  We can recommend local and online sources to purchase kits and engines for your group.)

Support for students in structured national rocketry programs such as the NAR/AIA Team America Rocketry Challenge or the NASA Student Launch Initiative.

Informational displays at local community festivals, the Minnesota State Fair, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) events.

Please note - while we happily support many outreach efforts, our members are volunteers and availability may be limited.  Please contact us to disuss your group's needs.


Outreach Request Information

If you have a community involvement or outreach request, please contact us at

Requests must include the following information.  Please copy and paste this text into an email, and insert your answers to each question.  

  • Your name

  • Your email address

  • Your phone number

  • Type of outreach request (build session, launch, presentation, informational display, demo, etc.)

  • Preferred dates.  Please include a preferred and backup date.  Rocket launches are dependent on the weather and might need to be rescheduled with short notice.

  • Location.  Please include the name and exact address (school, park, home, church, etc.)

If your request includes support for a launch, you must also include the following.  This is a requirement for our insurance coverage.

  • Site owner name
  • Site owner mailing address
  • Site owner email address
  • Confirmation from your local government that rocketry is allowed at the site.  Some cities do not allow rocket launches.  (Parks and Recreation Boards are a good source of information and approval.)  

Not all locations are suitable for rocket launches, due to size and location of the site.