Special Events

NAR and MASA "Land the LM" Contest Information

This will be a monthly NAR event beginning at this years first launch to continue commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landings. The contest objective is to launch a model rocket and have it land closest to an area on the launch field representing the moon. The closest landing for the entire year will win the grand prize, a Saturn 1B Model Rocket, to be given away at the annual holiday party. There will also be prizes given at the annual party for second and third place. 

Contest Rules

1. The contest is open to model rocketeers of all ages. 

2. Contestants must follow the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Safety Code.

3. Modelers must provide their own model rocket, engine, ignitor, and prepping tools. The NAR Section will provide recovery wadding and the launch equipment suitable for launch lugs and rails. 

4. Contestants fly as individuals. This means they prep their own rockets.

5. Model rockets must use a single (NAR classification and safety certified) engine for each flight that is a “C” class engine or less. 

6. Model rockets must pass a pre-flight safety inspection and engine confirmation at the launch site prior to launch. 

7. Model rockets must land safely using tumble recovery, or a streamer, or a parachute for their recovery. If the rocket’s landing is unsafe the flight will be disqualified. 

8. Model rockets must not separate into two or more unattached parts during flight. 

9. The contest flight must be declared before launching by notation on the flight card, and must be that rocket’s first flight of the day. (No practice flights with the competition rocket.)

Contest Judging 

1. Modelers may launch their declared competition model one time, at each monthly launch of the year. 

2. A launch is a successful ignition of the engine so that the model leaves the launch pad. 

3. The object of the event is to determine whose flight comes closest to Tranquility Base. 

4. If a model rocket lands within 100 feet of Tranquility Base, contestants must leave the model rocket undisturbed until the model rocket is measured. 

5. Officials will measure all model rockets that land within 100 feet of Tranquility Base. 

6. Measurement will be from Tranquility Base’s center marker to the tip of the model rocket’s nosecone. The measurement becomes the contestant’s score. 

7. Each persons measurement closest to Tranquility Base’s center will be recorded. The monthly updates for the three closest competitors will be posted via e-mail and on our FaceBook page.

8. Decisions of the judges are final. 


MASA Looney Tunes Rocket Contest Information

1. This contest is open to all MASA members that have paid their 2020 dues. This contest is based on Looney Tunes cartoons – and you must provide a screen shot of the object or character from the cartoon that it is found in, along with the title of the cartoon for static judging. The picture must be submitted at the time the entrance form is submitted. Contest to be held at the June launch, or later, if weather interferes with the June launch. Contest entrance forms will be accepted up through the end of the  Solstice Launch on June 20, 2020. 

2. Static points and flight points will be needed for the winners - kind of like sport scale at NARAM.

3. Static points breakdown

- if the scratch built rocket is built like something man made that was designed to fly, like a fireworks, or an airplane - for example, Marvin the Martian's rocket, there will be no multiplying of points. Simply sticking a Looney Tunes decal or wrap on a rocket, or naming a basic rocket after a Looney Tunes character falls into this category. Characters that are purchased to ride along like a pilot or passenger on a rocket fall into this category. Dolls or toys converted to fly also fall into this category. 

- if the scratch built rocket is built to look like something mechanical or structural, like a silo, car or windmill for example, the static points will be doubled. Other background inanimate items like trees and mountains would also fall into this group.

- if the scratch built rocket is built to look like any of the “living” characters in the Looney Tune universe, like Ralph the sheep dog or the road runner, the static points will be tripled. 

- maximum average static points would be 25 points per contestant, to be doubled or trebled per the rules.

- Static points will be determined by all the votes taken on the day of the contest. Non-contest fliers at the launch that day will be eligible to vote on the day of the contest. Voters will vote for 5 entrants giving 25 points to their top entrant, 20 points to their second entrant, and so on down to 5 points for their fifth place entrant. Votes will be tallied and divided by the number of total voters for a final static score, to be doubled or trebled afterwards according to the rules. 

4. Flight points - The rocket must fly safely and successfully to win the contest. Rockets that have an unstable flight will be DQ-ed. Any NAR approved 1/2A through G motors are allowed. The flight has to be stable, safe and the recovery has to be by parachute or streamer. A contestant can make up to three flight attempts on the day of the contest to get in a qualifying flight, or to better their flight points. A flight is only qualified if it is returned to the contest table after it is launched.

Flight point breakdowns:

- single use black powder motors are worth one point

- single use AP motors are worth two points

- re-loadable AP motors are worth three points

This is per each motor used in a single flight – for example a cluster of three Estes black powder motors would be equal to three points, if they all light. And a two stage single use AP motored rocket flight would be worth 4 points, if they both light, etc. 

5.  The rocket is to be scratch built to enter the contest. No kits allowed. All safe materials are at the builder's disposal. We at MASA encourage that the contest rocket use a rail slide, slides or buttons. Launch lugs are acceptable. If the RCO says the model is unsafe for any reason, and cannot be rectified at the field before it flies, the model will be disqualified .

6. First prize will be a $50.00 gift card, second prize will be a $35.00 gift card, and third prize will be a $20.00 gift card. We may “sweeten the pot” as the contest date approaches.

7. We reserve the right to change or alter the rules as we become aware of difficulties as they are currently written, but the rules will be finalized by the end of the April launch. Please let us know if something doesn’t seem to make sense or needs to be further clarified.


NAR National Events




National Association of Rocketry Convention

NARCON was held in Tucson, AZ in March 2020.

A location for NARCON 2021 will be announced later this year.




National Sport Launch

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NSL has been cancelled for 2020.

It will be held in Alamosa, CO in May 2021.




National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NARAM has been cancelled for 2020. 


It will be held in Geneseo, NY in July 2021.