Welcome to MASA Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association

Welcome to MASA Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association

Welcome to MASA Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler AssociationWelcome to MASA Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler AssociationWelcome to MASA Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association

Special Events

NAR and MASA "Land the LM" Contest Information

This will be a monthly NAR event beginning at this years first launch to continue commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landings. The contest objective is to launch a model rocket and have it land closest to an area on the launch field representing the moon. The closest landing for the entire year will win the grand prize, a Saturn 1B Model Rocket, to be given away at the annual holiday party. There will also be prizes given at the annual party for second and third place. 

Contest Rules

1. The contest is open to model rocketeers of all ages. 

2. Contestants must follow the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Safety Code.

3. Modelers must provide their own model rocket, engine, ignitor, and prepping tools. The NAR Section will provide recovery wadding and the launch equipment suitable for launch lugs and rails. 

4. Contestants fly as individuals. This means they prep their own rockets.

5. Model rockets must use a single (NAR classification and safety certified) engine for each flight that is a “C” class engine or less. 

6. Model rockets must pass a pre-flight safety inspection and engine confirmation at the launch site prior to launch. 

7. Model rockets must land safely using tumble recovery, or a streamer, or a parachute for their recovery. If the rocket’s landing is unsafe the flight will be disqualified. 

8. Model rockets must not separate into two or more unattached parts during flight. 

9. The contest flight must be declared before launching by notation on the flight card, and must be that rocket’s first flight of the day. (No practice flights with the competition rocket.)

Contest Judging 

1. Modelers may launch their declared competition model one time, at each monthly launch of the year. 

2. A launch is a successful ignition of the engine so that the model leaves the launch pad. 

3. The object of the event is to determine whose flight comes closest to Tranquility Base. 

4. If a model rocket lands within 100 feet of Tranquility Base, contestants must leave the model rocket undisturbed until the model rocket is measured. 

5. Officials will measure all model rockets that land within 100 feet of Tranquility Base. 

6. Measurement will be from Tranquility Base’s center marker to the tip of the model rocket’s nosecone. The measurement becomes the contestant’s score. 

7. Each persons measurement closest to Tranquility Base’s center will be recorded. The monthly updates for the three closest competitors will be posted via e-mail and on our FaceBook page.

8. Decisions of the judges are final. 


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