Special Events

MASA 20th Anniversary


MASA is celebrating its 20th year!    

To help celebrate the 20th Anniversary, we will be having a commemorative rocket competition.  

The rules are simple... build any rocket of your choice, any size (but limited to an E motor max), any kit or scratch design, and decorate it to somehow commemorate the first 20 years of MASA.  Use your imagination - anything goes....  it can commemorate 1998 somehow (favorite movie released that year, John Glenn's return to space, etc.) or it can commemorate 20 years, 2 decades, or it can just simply say "Happy Birthday, MASA" on the body tube.  Get creative, have fun, think outside the  box, and bring your commemorative rocket to MASA's April launch for a special birthday launch.  We will come up with other ideas to help celebrate 20 years in the coming months.  


Apollo 11 50th Anniversary - 2019

MASA and NAR Sections across the United States will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.  Stay tuned for details!

(The following message is from Chuck Neff, NAR Section Activities Chair)

In a little under nineteen months, America will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the July 20th, 1969 successful Apollo 11 moon landing.  Not that we ever need a reason, but this would be a perfect opportunity for the NAR to do what we do best - launch rockets!!

As it just so happens, the anniversary of that day is on a Saturday this year so I think we should all schedule a launch and invite the public to see just that!  With some planning, NAR Sections could make some local or even regional news by conducting a well practiced launch and recovery of a Saturn V (or even a Saturn 1B) scale model!  Imagine the publicity the NAR could get from holding a nationwide coordinated launch effort to commemorate the moon landing event!

Now, nineteen months away may seem like a very long time, however when we think about what needs to be done to hold launches that could potentially attract large crowds, the time for planning will soon be upon us.  Even more so if your Section would elect to build and launch a large scale model in front of visitors and the media.

Thanks to all for your efforts - especially those continuing to "Pay It Forward" to keep Model Rocketry headed in the right direction (aim them up!) and help maintain NAR's excellent safety record. 


Stanton Flight of Civil Air Patrol


MASA will be welcoming the Stanton Flight of Civil Air Patrol from Stanton, MN to one of our upcoming launches!    

MASA was approached by the Stanton Flight of Civil Air Patrol from Stanton, MN to help out with a rocketry project that they are working on. 

As a part of that, about 15 CAP cadets will be at one of our upcoming launches flying their rockets.

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