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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Ted's Launch Controller

Multi-Pad Launch Controller
Design by Ted Cochran, ted.cochran [at] honeywell [dot] com

If you were at the April 2000 MASA launch, you saw Ted's spiffy multi-pad launch controller in action.  This controller can currently handle 6 pads with individual select buttons and continuity lights for each pad.  Each pad has a strobe light that blinks when the pad is armed.  Another strobe light on the PA horn stand blinks when the controller is turned on.  Several people have asked about the design and details of this controller, so, with Ted's blessing, here's a brief overview.

From Ted:

A couple of people have asked, so I've attached a schematic. [see below]  It is a little out of date (the connections for the strobe and the heads up horn and the voltmeter aren't shown). The relays are all 30A Bosch car relays from Axman. (Axman also supplied most of the switches, a lot of the terminal strips, the blast deflectors, and a bunch of other stuff :-)

It is overkill, I think, unless you plan to do a LOT of group launches, but you can make one for any number of pads you want. You need three conductors from the pads to the controller plus two conductors for every pad. I used extension cords because they're the cheapest 100 feet of wire you can hope to find in that gauge.

I was planning on expanding it next Fall; maybe earlier though, given Saturday's peak backlog of 6 pages!

schematic of Ted's controller
Electrical schematic (click on thumbnail to view full-size image)