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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Pack 56 Outreach

On Sunday, August 30th MASA assisted Cub Scout Pack 56 with their annual rocket launch at Lake Nokomis Park.
On hand from MASA were Sean & Ryan Flynn, Aaron & Samir Sherif, Jon & David Isom, Bill Welsh and I. 


With the winds out of the South to South West we set up on the southern end of the field to give the rockets the most room for landing. We found a nice shady spot for the controller and setup tables and had things ready to go by around 4pm. By this time most of the pack members had arrived and tents, tables, chairs, grill & food had been setup by them. 


The pack leader introduced us and I proceeded with a safety talk. They know from past years that they were doing things wrong and wanted our help to correct that. I explained that with model rockets it was OK to fly where we did (under the flight path) but that we did have to be extra mindful of planes in the air. We ended up being fortunate that no planes flew directly overhead.


I tried to open the launch with Priority Stealth on a G but alas the ignitor chuffed. With the no go on the G we proceeded to assist them with rocket prep and getting them loaded on the pad. The pack had opted to buy ready to fly rockets and the kids just picked out a rocket and flew it. If they wanted to fly something else they just swapped it out flew again. There were several racks of rockets flying on A, B & C motors. I think there was only 1 lost rocket in all of this and it was a small rocket flying on a C. I think it drifted well to the north and into the trees.
Jon, David, Bill, Aaron, Samir and I each flew a variety of rockets throughout the course of the launch and I think the crowd really enjoyed it. I know they liked the Pyramids on F & G motors.

 - Neal Higgins


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