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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Pack 211 Outreach

On Saturday, August 8th under cloudy skies and a threat of rain, Sean Flynn and I assisted Maple Grove Pack 211 with their annual rocket event.

With the winds out SE to S we opted to setup on the East side of the Otsego field. Around 9 most of the kids & parents had arrived. I started things off with a safety talk and then moved on to rocket preparation. There were a few newbie parents and kids but most had prior experience so it made easy for Sean and I.

We got the first 8 kids rockets prepped and loaded on the pads. I had my Priority Stealth prepped and ready on pad 9 so I opted to kick off the launch with this. I like to make sure the crowd is awake for the kids rockets. I gave the kids a quick tutorial on the controller use and let each of them hit the fire buttons after a 5 sec countdown (I could hear Ted's voice in my head). All 8 flights worked beautifully with only 1 or 2 wadded chutes. The next 7 were raring to go so we got them loaded up and ready to go.

Again I decided to start this rack with another demonstration launch. I flew my Mega Red Baron glider on a D12-0 for an almost picture perfect boost and glide. On this rack again we had 1 or 2 wadded chutes but all were great flights. For the scouts second flights we did some drag races. Most were just 2 rockets but we did have a 5 rocket race at one point. There were a few igniter issues through out the launch but no CATO's or other failures. I also flew my Fric-N-Frac for a staging demo and at the urging (it doesn't take much) from scouts from last year I also flew my pyramid Anubus on a G80-7T.

The crowd loved it. Sean flew several flights but I will let him add his comments on those.

Thanks Neil. I flew a total of four rockets in between some of the scout Rockets. First was a heli- rock that unfortunately did not open up the blades until after it impacted the ground. Second was my modified big daddy that I did in a junk punk motif. It had 2 24mm, mid-mounted, canted motor mount. It flew great on 2 E12-6 motors. I then flew 2-stage rocket and a modified Super Neon. Between Neil and I, the scouts got demonstrations of clusters, gliders, 2-stage rockets, odd rockets and odd rocketeers. - Sean Flynn

We didn't get wet, nobody got hurt and everyone had a great time. So all in all a great day on the range.

 - Neal Higgins


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