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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Nowthen Heritage Festival

On Saturday, September 27, Jeff Taylor, Carol Marple, and Todd Carpenter staffed a MASA booth at the 7th Annual Nowthen Heritage Festival in Nowthen, MN.  We had a great location near the children's activity area, so we enjoyed tons of traffic, easily a couple hundred people.  We displayed many rockets from MicroMaxx to large high power rockets, and had many pictures mounted and hanging in our tent.  The most commented upon rockets must have been the Despicable Me rockets and Miss Minnie.  Families, couples, young and old kids came to our display to check out the rockets and talk about rocketry, clubs, educational opportunities, and launches.  Many people left with NAR Guidebooks and MASA contact cards.  We enjoyed a steady stream of people from 9am until we packed up shortly before 7pm.  We're pretty sure that several local Michael's stores had runs on their rocket supplies.

A surprising number of people in the community brought up the loss of the field, and expressed their strong support.  We easily kept the conversation positive,  and asked for help finding new fields.  Several members of the Heritage Festival staff, as well as community and civic leaders stopped by to learn about rockets and express their appreciation for our attendance.  They also told us again that they appreciated MASA working with the community, following due process, and focusing on the positive.  We received the solid impression that Nowthen actively wants MASA to be a part of their community.

Carol uploaded event pictures here:

[Todd Carpenter]

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