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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Pack 211

 On Saturday August 2nd Maple Grove Cub Scout Pack 211 held it's annual rocket launch. 

The weather forecast looked so good that I put out the word that the launch would be open to all MASA members starting at around 8am and ending at 1pm. The scout were to launch from 9am until they ran out of motors or got too tired to to go on. During the scouts time MASA members could fly but the scouts would have first crack at the pads.

I arrived around 7:30 and started the range setup. Michael Ferrell, Stuart Lenz, Kevin McKenzie and Sean Flynn soon arrived and launching began.

The scouts, siblings, parents and grandparents started arriving around 8:30 and by 9:10 we were ready to start there launch. I started things out with a brief safety talk of range rules. By 9:15 rockets were getting prepped and the first rack was soon ready to go. A quick briefing on the launch controller and each scout armed the system and hit the launch buttons after a countdown. After each scout had 1 flight of their rockets then the pads were opened up for MASA members and drag races for any one want to give it a go. One grl ad her rocket land in a tree by the buildings so I taped my retriever poles today and was able to get it down for her. I think she flew it 2 or 3 mores times. 

My flights were:

1. micro maxx Ecalibur
2. Wee Commacnhe 3 (another great flight for a 3 stage micromaxx, all pieces were recovered).
3. Cheops pyramid on a G76G-4.
4. 3 stage Fliskits Trifecta
5. Acme Spitfre
6. Skeeter chad staged from a E12-0 to a D12-7. This is my new favorite rocket.
7. Red Baron boost glider on a C6-0. It took off and immediately went into a low loop, hit the power lines behind the parking lot and spiraled to the ground. Very minor damageto repair but will have to be re-trimmed.

The scouts were out of motors around 11am but I did sell a few extra to anyone who wanted to continue. There were several great flights by Michael, Sean Kevin and even Stuart. The crowd was really into it and asked lots of questions. 1 of the grandparents loved it so much he took down Tripoli an NAR info so he could find a local club in central Wisconsin where he lives. He was taking his grandson back with him and wanted him to be able to fly his rockets some more.

By 12:30 we were all flown out and the temps and humidity had risen enough so we decided to cal it a day. 

Pack 211 was so greatful for our help that they donated $25 to the MASA treasury.


That was my first outreach event and it was a lot of fun, thanks for letting me help out. The scout that I helped set up for the first pack flight of the day even found me before his family left to thank me and shake my hand, a true young gentleman. A great bunch of kids, and lots of interesting questions from them.

Drag racing proved very popular with them. It was also fun just to do some low power launching on our own with that lack of wind.

My flights - 1. LOC/Precision Aura on an E15-8 - another snapped fin on a hard landing in spite of the large streamer, this rocket needs a parachute retrofit 2. Der Red Max on a C6-5 3. Rocketarium Terra Former - destroyed by a noisy E12-0 CATO about 10 feet above the pad 4. Estes Rascal on an AeroTech D10-7 - this rocket must die, but it's proving unkillable 5. Semroc Hawk on a B4-2 - amazing giant figure-8 glide that went on forever 6. Rocketarium Mega Vortico - sideways off the pad in a drag with Neal's Trifecta, destroyed in flight by another E12-0 CATO from the same package as the previous one (one left from that package...) 7. Mean Machine on an E9-6 8. Executioner on an E9-6 9. Mega Mosquito on a D12-3

[Neal Higgins and Michael Farrell]

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