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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Cub Scouts in Woodbury

Take 25 to 30 enthusiastic Cub Scouts, all their siblings and parents and 6 MASA members, put them all on a field on a Wednesday night at 6:30 pm in Woodbury, MN and what do you get? A great evening outreach launch! Neal, Ken, Sean, Anand, Jerry and I were on hand to help those scouts burn through 5 24 packs of B6-4s as well as another pack of C6-5s as they flew their Vikings, Alphas, generic E2X and other rockets last night. A good time was had by all (except for one little girl that sat in the middle of the field out behind the prep table and cried for about 20 minutes).

The winds were out of the East so we set up the launch pads on the South-east corner of the field, tipping the rods away from the spectators and over the corn field. The field was a bit squishy, but not too bad. We easily put up 80 flights (and probably more) in just under 2 hours of flying. Every child got to fly their rocket at least once, most at least twice, and one young man flew his at least 4 times - I know this because I helped him put it on the pad. We had a few come in hot, but all of those landed away from the crowd and on the closed range. None of the rockets got stuck in trees and most of them were recovered on the field, parking lot or corn field.

Duties were divided thus: Sean, Ken and Anand helped out at the prep table, while Jerry and I helped at the launch racks and Neal manned the launch controller, allowing the cubs to launch their own rockets after a countdown (most of the time). Neal and Sean flew some demo flights and I'll let them chime in on the details of those.


I brought out the Pyramid to launch on G motors to wow the crowd. Of course they remembered the ball of fire that resulted in last year's launch (motor CATO) and wondered if I could repeat the results. One of the dads remembered he crowd going wild and scrambling out of the way as it fell to the ground and how 1 women walked calmly over to it and poured water on it to put out the fire.

I told them I would try my best but could not guarantee a repeat performance of last year.

The first flight was on a G77R and when I started the count down my helper couldn't wait and hit the launch buttons at 3 rather than waiting to 0. It startled a few people in the crowd but all went well. The parachute deployed and the pyramid landed safely.

The 2nd flight was on a G78G and this time the helper waited until 0 to hit the launch buttons. The flight up went well but alas no ejection charge. The crowd was wowed again and gave it a wide berth so it landed safely on the grass. After it was returned I checked and the ejection charge was still in place in the reload case. I have no idea why it did not light.

All in all a very fun night and I am guessing we will be helping out again.

[Art Gibbens and Neal Higgins]

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