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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Woodbury Cub Scout Outreach Launch

Turned out to be a great evening for launching with a pack of excited Cub Scouts and Leaders. Thanx Neal, Anand and Buzz for all their help to make this a very fun launch. The kids really liked Neal's Pyramid. Buzz flew something big (sorry, don't know the name of the kit) and the C6-3 almost didn't have enough oomph. But to be fair, the wind gusts didn't help, as it weather-cocked pretty sharply.

I'm thinking we had close to 100 flights - Buzz said he thought it was between 60 and 80. We started out by cleaning out Buzz's stash of A8-3s while one of the parents ran and picked up the scout box full of B6-4s and C6-5s. We reefed all the chutes and I think only one of the rockets was lost. Wee even had a couple that landed within 20 feet of the launch pads.  And we only had one sky writer all night.
[Art Gibbens]

After driving thru a maze of round abouts (Washington County is a Round-about county..never seen so many roundabouts in one county...all the way from Woodbury to Cottage Grove), I swallowed my pride and asked a kid practicing on a field where the "Red Field" was. The kid pointed me in the right direction and then I spotted the rocket stands bringing some relief. Unfortunately, I was a bit late as much of the set up was already done by Neal and Art.
Thereafter, we waited and slowly just before 6 pm cub scouts and their parents started arriving on the launch site. After exchanging pleasantries, we found ourselves with no rocket motors from Cub Scouts. That is where Buzz decided to donate a couple dozen  motors, and Neal his box of igniters and igniter caps/plugs promptly to get the fun started. Later, one of the Scout members delivered a box of rockets which were mostly B6-4 motors.
Buzz and Art took up the responsibility of helping kids prep their rocket with wadding, fold and insert parachute/streamer. I assumed the role of the "motor-man" and helped kids with inserting motors, igniters and igniter cap throughout the evening. Later, Neal and Art took turns helping with countdown, launch control, and managing a group of enthused and excited kids. Some kids were thrilled to be able to have direct experience of launching their own rockets by pressing launch buttons at launch controller. It was a pleasant evening with mild breeze and sunshine, coupled with the joy on the parents' and kids' faces that made for an exhilarating experience.
Neal also launched his Trifecta, and Pyramid (thrice, once with the Red flaming exhaust) that awed kids and parents alike with the spectacular sight. 
Some of the parents also shared the joys of rocketry by launching their own rockets. Neal, Art, Buzz, and I tried to promote our MASA organization to the parents. We hope to see a busier launch day at Nowthen in future.
Finally, thanks are due to Neal, Art, and Buzz who helped make this event so enjoyable.
[Anand Vyas]

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