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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Cub Scout Launch in Ramsey (7/14/2012)

The Cub launch at Elmcrest Park in Ramsey was held this morning. I came out with a total of 10 pad support, although we only used six of the pads for Cub rockets. We had clear skies and only a little breeze – ideal for the rockets, but with high 80s for both the temp and the humidity it was not so great for the launch directors!

About 30-35 cubs launched rockets. They flew mostly a variety of Wizards and Alpha IIIs, but some of the boys came ‘loaded for bear’ and flew a variety of other rockets (a Helicat being flown multiple times comes to mind). All the boys got in two flights and a number of them got in three or more.

Jeff and Jennifer Flansburg took charge of helping the boys load their rockets on pads, and Jeff also took charge of prepping a few demo flights. Among the demos were an Aerotech Initiator on an E15, a Mega Mosquito on an E12, Jennifer’s ‘Valentine Rocket’, a plastic saucer on an Aerotech D10, a Newway N-20 Demon on a D12, a Quest Planet Probe on a C6, and a Der Red Max on a C6. There were probably a couple of other demos I have forgotten.

All told we launched between 65-80 rockets over a 2 1/4 hour period. We started drag racing 4-6 rockets at a time during the last hour which really got thru a lot of rockets quickly.

I think the boys and the parents had a good time and they are already planning the launch for next year. I think they would like MASA to help again if we can.

As always, I certainly had a great time. If you haven’t had a chance to help out with an outreach launch, I highly recommend you make it a point to participate in one or more. Whether it is a static presentation, a build session or a launch I think you would find the experience of introducing our hobby to kids to be very rewarding.

[Buzz McDermott]

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