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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Launching with Cub Scout Pack 9005 (6/26/2011)

On Sunday afternoon 4 MASA volunteers gathered to help Cub Scout Pack 9005 of Woodbury fly a variety of rockets. There were about 50 kids of various ages along with many parents. They made over 70 flights on B6-6 motors with only a handful of mis-fires.

Caleb Boe, Anand Vyas, Bob Moyle and I arrived at the field on the east side of Bailey Elementary around 2:30 to begin setup. After scoping out the field and checking the wind we decided to setup at the SE corner on the softball infield. A couple of the cub scouts and mothers were already there and helped us carry equipment out to the field. Caleb brought his 4 pad rack and 8 pad controller. I brought my 4 pad rack so we had 8 pads available for flying. We had everything ready to go by 3:00 and most if not all of the kids were there and ready to fly. Anand manned the prep table helping the kids get motors loaded, wadding place and chute/ streamers repacked. I manned the ignitor table and also checked motor retention. After the kids had their rockets prepped I sent them out to Caleb and Bob at the launch area. Caleb handled the launch duty while Bob assisted the kids at the pads with clip hook-up. Shortly after 3 we had rockets flying and kids (parents too) screaming with excitement.

One of the scouts and his mother had somehow missed the build session and did not have a rocket to fly. Fortunately there were a couple of extra kits on hand and I had my CA and insta-cure with. One of the parents volunteered to help him build it and he was able to get in a flight. There were a few minor repairs I helped with as kids came back for their 2nd flight.

It looked like most of the flights went very smoothly with very few mishaps ( a handful of mis-fires, chute/streamer failures and 1 lawn dart that I saw). The last flight of the day was around 4:15 and from what I could tell all of the kids and parents had a great time.

Thanks Caleb for the use of your equipment, Bob and Anand for your great work at rocket and launch prep.

[Neal Higgins]

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