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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Lino Lakes Cub Scout Build & Launch (10/16/2010)

On Tuesday evening, October 12th, Jason Colt, Buzz McDermott and I met at Living Waters Lutheran Church in Lino Lakes. We spent about an hour and a half helping 30 members of Cub Scout Pack 232 build model rockets - Estes Spaceloft, Wizard, and Viking kits. Nearly all of the scouts had a parent present to help them. We mostly acted as troubleshooters - running around, sharing tips, and answering questions. MASA members have helped this pack with rockets quite a few times in the past.

The simple Spacelofts went together pretty quickly and easily. The Wizards and Vikings, with their individual fins, took more time.

On Saturday morning, October 16th, Carol Marple, Jeff Taylor and I gathered to help the pack launch their rockets at Blue Heron Elementary School in Circle Pines. Again this year, we launched from a softball field that is surrounded by brush (and some water) on three sides. Unfortunately, it was pretty breezy, and got steadily windier throughout the morning.

Setting up a six-pad launch system, we spent about two hours helping some 40 eager and excited kids prep and launch their rockets. Every kid could launch their rocket twice (or more). The available motors were 1/2A's for the Spacelofts and A8-3's for everything else. Unfortunately, because of the wind, quite a few rockets drifted off of the field, and some of them were lost. Nearly all of the flights were successful, and the kids definitely had fun! [There were a few separations, a couple lawn darts, and some spit engines due to not using enough masking tape on the friction fit.] They were particularly good at helping to yell out a LOUD countdown for each launch. For extra fun, we had a couple of two rocket drag races. I also worked in a couple demo flights of a UFO, a Birdie, and an Art Applewhite Scimitar.

[Alan Estenson]

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