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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Pack 5, Woodbury (8/12/2010)

Jason Colt, my grandson Liam, and I, headed out to St Ambrose of Woodbury Church this evening to assist Cub Scout Pack 5 with their annual pack rocket launch. I brought out a multi-pad launch system and Jason helped set it all up. About 30 cubs and siblings came out to launch rockets, along with a lot of parents. I noticed quite a few sisters were included in the siblings flying rockets, which is always a good thing to see.

Most of the kids were flying either Estes Generic E2X or Estes Alpha III rockets, on B6-4 motors. Several of the boys have done this before and brought out some of their other rockets to fly. There were a half dozen C flights and 2 D12 flights mixed in with the B's. Liam did an excellent job as launch control officer, carefully explaining to each of the cubs exactly what they needed to do to launch their own rockets. Jason helped all of the kids at the pads. I mostly ran around encouraging the kids to make lots of noise with the countdowns (I succeeded!).

This is the third year we have helped with this launch. The first year the seven foot tall crops (some kind of plant being grown for Ethanol) clamed a number of the rockets. Last year the church roof claim a lot of them. This year was much better. Each of the 30 kids flew at least once. Most flew at least twice and about a third flew 3 or more times. Out of all of the flights we lost one rocket to the crops to the south and about 4 rockets to the church roof to the north. It's a small field so this is actually a pretty good result considering the recommended motors would have been A8-3s or A6-4s.

All of the parents and especially all of the kids seemed to have a great time and as we were packing up the pack leaders were already asking about doing it again next year.

[Buzz McDermott]

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