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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Olsen Middle School (6/4/2010)

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at Olsen Middle School in Minneapolis with a sixth thru 8th grade rocket club formed by teacher David Hill. Today the kids flew a half dozen rockets they had built in class and then I flew a few extra rockets I had brought along. The rockets built by five 2-member teams ranged from a BT-55 rocket about 22" long to a couple of 25-28" long BT-60 based rockets. Motors used were B6-4 thru D12-5. All of the rockets were flown and recovered and the only damage was one fin broken when it landed in the street.

Earlier this year I went out to the school and gave a presentation on TARC and building model rockets to the club. I donated the parts for two D powered BT-60 rockets. Those were the two D powered models flown today. It was nice to see two scratch built models with nice paint jobs come from the parts I left with the class. It was also very nice to see them fly (successfully!!).

I flew a Gyroc on an A8-3, a Tinee on an A3-4, a Decaffinator (or whatever the Flis vertical stack of styro cups is called) on an A10-3 and a Big Bertha on a B6-4. I left flying C and D motors and chasing the rockets behind the school, and into the next block, to the rocket club teams. They were told ahead of time what to expect, decided to fly anyway, and were happy to go chase after their rockets.

This club is looking to be a TARC team next year. David Hill had previously taught at Washington Tech Middle School in St Paul and had a TARC team at that school for one year. He is very enthusiastic and looking forward to having perhaps 2 separate TARC teams from Olsen. The kids in the class (2 girls and 8 boys) all seemed enthusiastic. And David has the right idea getting sixth graders involved this year so that they are more prepared to be part of a TARC team next year.

Finally, this was rocket build-and-fly #1 for 7 of the kids in the class/club. I will go update the NAR web site with that info.

[Buzz McDermott]

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