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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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GISE Launch (8/11/2008)

Today we did an outreach event for the Minneapolis GISE (Guys In Science and Engineering) organization headed up by Brad and Julie Blue. The GISE program for 4th-6th grade boys just finished up a summer program on Ballistics, which started with learning how things fly (water balloons, projectiles, etc) and ended with today's launch.

Brad and Julie originally hooked up with Jim Flis at NARCON 2008 during the Minneapolis Teachers Make It/Take It Session led by Jim, and have been working together ever since. The GISE showed up today with an arsenal of Flis Whatchamacallits, Thing-a-ma-Jigs, Triskelions, UFFOs, Espressos and several scratch-built contraptions.

The launch was held at Bryn Mawr Park just outside of downtown Minneapolis, and was supported by the following MASA members:
- Elliot Carpenter
- Todd Carpenter
- Ted Cochran
- Carol Marple
- Jeff Taylor

Thanks to all MASA members who helped make this launch a success, and thanks to Ted for bringing his 12-pad system and acting as RSO/LCO.

[Jeff Taylor]

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