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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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Brownie and Girl Scout Launch in Brooklyn Center (4/9/2008)

Today, a dozen Brownie and Girl Scouts each flew their first model and second model rocket flights with model rockets they all built. These were all 'first time rocketeers". Last Wednesday we built Edmonds Tinees. This week we set up and flew them at North Port Park in Brooklyn Center. Not all of the girls made it this week, but 12 did fly. I submitted the count at the "Fly 50K" page on the NAR website.

Tinees worked great for the girls. They built them last week and 'painted' them with Magic Markers. Lots of red, pink, orange and purple rockets! The first flights were all on 1/2A3-2T motors. Then they all flew again on A3-4T motors. They were really impressed by the difference in the altitude and flight times with A vs 1/2A motors.

Each girl got a very nice "Successful Rocket Flight at Official MASA Outreach" certificate that Jeff Taylor put together for me. These were greatly appreciated by them. Thanks Jeff!

 [Buzz McDermott]

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