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Last updated: October 28, 2007
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Lakeville Sciencefest (10/27/2007)

I arrived at the Lakeville North High School at about 6:30, due to heavy traffic throughout the metro. I quickly set up my table. I brought with an assortment of rockets for the display:

scratch built 1:70 Gemini Titan II ( my hanger queen)
Estes Mercury Redstone
Estes X-15
Estes Astrocam
Estes Max Trax
Flat Cat
Apogee Heli-Roc
Quest Micro Max Space Shuttle
Quest Micro Max Saucer
Scratch Built 3FNC Micro Max rocket ( Built for the Bakken Musuem rooftop demo launch)
TARC Demo Rocket 4 D's to 1 D, BMS payload capsule
Milk Bottle Cow Rocket
PML Explorer

I have a couple cardboard displays made with parts of a rocket, safety code, profile of flight, how motors work, etc. I also brought along my Rockets of the World and Apogee Saturn 1 B posters.

Turn out was good. Several kids and parents stopped by and asked questions about rockets. I handed out 20+ club flyers ( So you think you've done everything in rocketry..... ones).

It was nice to get to do an outreach project again.

 [Mike Erpelding]

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