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Last updated: June 12, 2007
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Westwood Elementary (6/12/2007)

Tuesday morning I helped a zillion fourth graders at Westwood build rockets. OK, it wasn't a zillion, it just seemed that way. In fact, there were about 180 kids, and they teamed up to build 60 rockets in an hour. Even though we split the kids up over two sessions, there was a lot of organized chaos going on, especially since we were in classrooms instead of the cafeteria or the gym like we have in the past eight years.

But they all got built, and they'll be ready to launch on Monday at 9:15 AM. Set up will start around 8:30.

I could use some help. I have a couple of folks who've signed on--this is a reminder for them, and an invitation for the rest of you. Bring some small-field demo rockets to fly, and count on having fun for the ninth year at Westwood!


It was a beautiful morning yesterday, and Carol Marple, Jeff Taylor, and I took advantage of the weather to launch rockets with seven classes of fourth graders at Westwood Intermediate School. This was MASA's ninth year there, and it was the biggest group yet. More than 70 rockets took to the air in two sessions. The longest flight of the day was IIRC 28 seconds. Only a couple of rockets separated, and one was lost to the trees. Well, two, actually, because one team volunteered to launch theirs for a second time on a C6-5...and, as expected, it floated off to Fridley.

The wind gradually picked up, so it was good that we had to stop at noon. We got a huge stack of thank you cards from the kids, with all manner of cool artwork.

Thanks to Carol and Jeff for all the help.

 [Ted Cochran]

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