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Last updated: June 3, 2006
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Outreach Report - Washington County 4-H (5/21/2006)

St. Croix Clovers - Aerospace Project - Part II

Today (May 21) I met with the Washington Co. 4H group at Baytown Community Center for the second part of the Aerospace project.

24 members signed up for the build today from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. They decided on the 4H paper Qubit on A10-PT's and the Gnome on 1/2A3-4T's.  Both take about 15 minutes but in a group that amounts to half hour each.

The build went very well although you can see a difference in skills at all ages. A lot has to do with paying attention to directions. We started 15 minutes late waiting for all of the group. They finished at 3:45 pm so the entire 2 rocket build and clean up took about 1-1/2 hours.

Most of these groups want to build rockets and have us help them launch with out a way to follow up. I usually provide a Alpha III Starter kit to allow the groups to continue after I leave.

They asked if they could fly the rockets today. 18 kids stayed for the after hours launch. I had them set up their new equipment in the lower parking lot. I used one of my estes' setups for a 2 pad range. A couple of parents offered to help so I showed them the rocket prep for both rockets. This took the load off of me to run the range. I later had help with the hookups here too.

I had 18 kids and 2 rockets each. We started about 4:00 and finished about 4:45 pm.

First we flew the 4H Qubits and they went all over the place with the kids trying to catch them. All on their tiny lot. Most suburb homes have bigger lots.

Having seen the Qubits go from 60' to 100', I wanted to see their response with the Gnomes on 1/2A's. At first they were timid about counting down but by the second round all were counting out loud for the launch. All firings took place with out a misfire or a no-go. Only a few had separations. Someone must have forgot to glue the upper lug and shockcord holders. A few streamers drifted away after pulling off.

Most of the Gnomes flew straight and true. Most landed within 150' or so. The 4H'ers seemed to have a fun time of it. This was to generate interest in a County Fair Exhibit.

 [Ken Jarosch]

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