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Last updated: May 20, 2006
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Outreach Report - Washington County 4-H (5/12/2006)

St. Croix Clovers - Aerospace Project

I met the Washington Co. 4H group at the Baytown Community Center Friday evening of May 12th. I was requested to help them plan their Aerospace Project. I had offered many ideas by email.

They requested that I give a short talk on small model rockets and the safety code. They also wanted to see built rockets and separate parts. A launch demo was planned. Because of the rain the demo was rescheduled.

I covered a lot of basic territory of motors and support equipment as it pertains to a normal setup and the NAR Safety Code.

We went through the path to build rockets by kits and scratch built with commercial parts. I brought some junk yard rockets which one 4H leader recognized as a gift wrap tube and toilet paper tube fins. This was a big hit with the adults and the leaders. Another big hit were the Art Applewhite oddrocs especially the 13 mm freebie print outs on #110
cardstock. Of course the 4H Qubit got the preferred choice.

I dry assembled a Estes E2X SkyWriter in less than 5 minutes to show how easy the E2X kits are for new rocketeers.

I set up the launch equipment to show how the rocket preparation is done , how the rocket launch sequence and flight sequence goes. The rocket on the pad was Paul's 1991 Gnome. Rain stopped the real time show. I used a Christmas tree bulb as a dummy igniter on the end of the 15' controller cord. This was a big hit with the crowd.

I covered a lot of material in one hour. This was a great group to work with. They looked over all the small rockets and paper kits I brought. Sean decided to offer several to their group to get a Aerospace Project going for the county fair. As a start they will build the Estes Gnomes and the Art Applewhite 4H Qubits.

We rescheduled the launch demo to follow the kit building on the 21th of May.

To help get them going I donated the standard Alpha III Starter kit and 3 E2X  and 1 Lev. 1 kits. I offered to help at the build session. We also printed out extra paper kits. They should have enough to build if the interest is there. We'll see on the 21th.

 [Ken Jarosch]

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