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Last updated: Nov 28, 2005
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Outreach Report - Troop 626 (11/12/2005)

Saturday [November 12] I assisted Troop 626 with their rocket camp weekend at the Phillipo Scout Reservation in Cannon Falls.   They have done this for a number of years and, but wanted to jazz things up with a high power rocketeer.  I came down with a few show and tell items but mostly helped the scouts build their rockets and launch them.  The scouts were building Quest Couriers.  These were excellent kits for the purpose with a couple of exceptions.  The centering rings are very flimsy and the [shock] cord is too short.  My experience came in handy for devising a work around for the short cords. 

The launch was pretty fun.  I was impressed by how well they responded to their scoutmasters when order was needed, even though they were pretty spun up.  The scouts launched eggs in their rockets.  We had a lot of fun scrambling eggs. as the scoutmaster bought c6-5s instead of c6-3s, it was the rare egg that was recovered intact

 [Rick Vatsaas]

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