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Last updated: June 21, 2005
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Outreach Reports (6/5/2005)

Here are a couple more outreach reports for this busy season:

Park Terrace Elementary School

Mike Kutzke and I spent an enjoyable afternoon at Park Terrace Elementary School on Wednesday. The fourth graders there had built 21 Quest rockets (BT20 tubes, plastic fins, and streamers). We set up all 12 of the pads I brought along, and launched in racks, as usual. These rockets are smaller and lighter than Generic E2X rockets, and go noticeably higher. However, the streamers help in recovering them close to the launch site.

The winds calmed down just before we started launching, and we were able to recover all but three of the rockets on the really small field (the rest were left waiting on the school roof for the custodian to retrieve them). We also launched Mike's UFO on a C6-0 and my Silver Comet on a C11-3. Next year Park Terrace and other Spring Lake Park Elementary schools get reshuffled, and all 11 fourth grade classes end up at Westwood. If everything else stays the same, that means the MASA Outreach launch there will need to launch over 100 rockets! Woohoo!

Westwood Elementary School

Carol Marple and I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the 7th annual outreach launch at Westwood Elementary school. (Jeff Taylor, alas, didn't get free from work until the launch was over-a huge Thank You to Jeff for driving over anyway to help tear down the range!). For the first time at Westwood, the winds were Easterly, so we set up on the far side of the field.
Thankfully, the custodial staff let me drive around to the far side-that would have been quite a hike with all the equipment.

We had 34 previously assembled, beautifully-decorated Estes Generic E2X rockets to launch in under an hour, which made for a hurried pace. We nevertheless got all the rockets off successfully, with the usual assortment of misfires and a few separations. The kids did their usual duration contest, but cool, breezy weather kept the times fairly low-the longest
flight was 25 seconds. Silver Comet flew at the end on a D12-3 to close out another successful event.

Thanks to Mike, Carol, and Jeff for PWRDSAW* with me!

*Play With Rockets, Don't Stay At Work

 [Ted Cochran]

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