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Last updated: Nov 14, 2004
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GSA Outreach Report (11/13/2004)

[On Saturday, November 13, MASA helped with a Girl Scouts of America rocket build & fly at Lakamaga Girl Scout Camp near Forest Lake.]

Thanks to Mike Erpelding, Ken and Paul Jarosch, and Andy Heren for helping out with the Girl Scout outreach launch today. We made about 85 E2X rockets in three one-hour shifts in the morning, and launched them in three one hour shifts in the afternoon.

The weather was about as perfect as you can get for November upper 40s and nearly calm winds. The field was smallish, but entirely adequate for the conditions--about 100 yards square, bordered downwind by a field of reeds.

Almost all of the rockets landed on the field or just inside the reeds (except see below). I think all of the girls got their rocket back (although there were a couple of separations and there might have been a lost nose cone or two). There was also the usual smattering of misfires, one rod lock, and one rocket that tried to fly with a clothespin on board.

We also let some of the girls fly their E2Xs a second time on C6-5 motors (with no promises about getting them back, although most of them did, albeit from a lot farther away. One ended up in a tree, and another deep in the reeds). Paul flew his CATO three times as a demo (it was announced as an attempt at a new Minnesota record of 115 perfect flights in a row by the same rocket, and we got them going every time. I crack me up...). I also flew Silver Comet three times, twice on a C11 and the last time on a D12.

MASA was thanked repeatedly and profusely. A gaggle of us descended on Hub just before closing to stock up on stuff, too. All in all, it was a terrific day!

 [Ted Cochran]

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