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Last updated: Oct 30, 2004
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Cub Scout Pack 73 Rocket Presentation (10/28/2004)

I met Scott Milton at Weaver Elementary School about 630 pm.

I had planned a 6 rocket demo. Gnome, Sparrow, Orange Bullet and the Red Alert. All 13mm rockets with 1/2A, A3 and A10 motors. I also had the Pip Squeak II and the Antari on A8's. The field was very small and was somewhat flooded so we cancelled the launch. I included these small rockets in the show & tell.

This was a typical meeting. Noise and restless cub scouts. People coming late. After a late start I manage to get one full table for the rocket display. I only had 20 minutes so the talk was fast to get everything in that limit.

In addition to the mini and regular rockets mentioned above I brought mini , regular , D & E type BP Estes motors. I had E30, F20 and G80 to show the AP motors. There were several rocket displayed for each motor type.

The rockets were the Menace and Titan IIIC for the military types. The Katy-sha Slim to show junkyard rockets. I had payloads (Omloid) , clusters (Impulse) , staged (Delta Clipper) and for the BG I brought the Delta Thunder.

The one large rocket was my red and yellow B4R a 4" by 50"+ G ,H and maybe I200 model.

I explained how we ignite the motors electrically from a safe distance.  I brought Estes, Magnelight and Firststar igniters. I explained the different letters and power levels on motor labels. The scouts wanted to see the different chutes and streamers. Each had his favorite rocket and wanted to know all about it.

I presented the pack with an Alpha III stater set for the next level up from the Gnome and an extra launch setup.

After the display talk the 25 boys split into to their dens to built their own Gnomes. They only had about 15 minutes so some were finished and others will have to be finished at the den meetings and flown later.

The night went well and better than I hoped. This was just a evening activity so if anything comes out of it depends if any of the scouts actually flies his rocket and becomes interested.

Of course I mentioned MASA and Tripoli rockets clubs and what we fly.

 [Ken Jarosch]

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