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Last updated: June 17, 2004
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Park Terrace (6/4/2004)

Park Terrace has been launching with MASA for almost as long as Westwood. They're in the same school district. Mike Kutzke has handled launching duties in the past. He's worked with the teachers enough that they were happy to help their kids build their rockets without our help (good thing, too, given how busy outreach season has been!). Mike has done a fine job--80 fourth graders came out today with 18 very well constructed E2X rockets--only a loose launch lug or two and one case of the shock cord mount being too high.

Since Park Terrace had half the rockets to launch (they built them in teams of four instead of in teams of two), I set up half the pads--just six. I had several parents as helpers working on wadding, motors, and igniters, and the rockets were ready very quickly. The weather was, as you all know, perfect--warm, clear skies, light winds. And we were far enough south of Anoka airport that the traffic wasn't an issue at all.

The field is SMALL--about a soccer field, perhaps a bit more. But the winds today were very light, and they were using A8-3 motors, so only one or two rockets left the field--and even those only went as far as the nearest neighbor's yard.

There were no misfires, and two cases of rod lock (motor hooks snagging clothespins), which were both reflown successfully.

For the usual after-launch demo, I put up two stomp rockets on B6 and C6 power, a Quest UFO on a C (which doesn't go as high as the E2X does on an A), a Skywinder on a C6, and the trusty Silver Comet on a D12-3. The whole thing was done in less than 90 minutes.

Thanks to Mike for establishing a legacy that is easy to build on.

I really felt bad leaving work for a couple hours to launch today...NOT!

[Ted Cochran]

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