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Last updated: May 9, 2004
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Bakken Museum outreach report (5/9/2004)

I set up at the Bakken at around 1030AM--a mess o' rockets on a table in the lobby, the powerpoint presentation in the Great Hall upstairs, and a launch pad on the Bakken Spaceport, aka terrace, which was very tiny--probably about 75' square, with a small buffer space around it on the ground below.

I'd sit at the table and answer questions, then do a quick presentation (the kids were mostly pretty young, so I went fast so they wouldn't get bored), and then outside for a launch. Because of the small "field", I launched a micromaxx UFO, a stomp rocket on a 1/2A6-2, and a Quest UFO on a B6-0, which went only as high as the stomp rocket--about 50 feet. The launches were well appreciated, and all landed close to the pad--the Quest UFO hit it twice.

There were about 35 people (a group of kids and grandparents) for the 11 AM show, about 6 Cub Scouts for a 12 Noon show, and about 25 Birthday Party kids for a 2 PM show. The museum had a couple of astro/space-related activities in the activity room, including a make your own air rocket station, an invent something out of axman parts station, and an astronomy station.

Not a particularly great venue, but excited kids, many of whom got to see rockets fly for the first time.

[Ted Cochran]

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