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Last updated: Sept 26, 2003
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Two Scout outreach reports (9/26/2003)

On Friday September 19, two different MASA members gave rocket presentations to two different Cub Scout packs - one in Burnsville and the other in Bloomington.

Burnsville Cub Scout Meeting Outreach Report

Well, the drive down to Burnsville wasn't just too bad. I'm glad I wasn't heading home from the Cities at that time; because there were 3 accidents on the North/ West bound route. I allowed extra time just in case and arrived at 5:15 P.M. Scout Leader Patrick Farrelly and his family arrived around 6, like he said. I helped set up the chairs and my rocket stuff and we were ready right on time for the meeting. There were about 20 scouts present, + or - a couple

It was kind of interesting to sit through a Scout meeting ; since I have never been to one before. Tonight was an awards night for the past summer activities. Several certificates, pins, beads, key fobs, etc. were pasted out. My presentation followed. I didn't keep track of the time. I'm guessing that they allowed about 15 to 20 minutes for me; because I ran out of time <grin>. I never hurts to be over prepared.

I managed to cover the different types of motors MM thru H , different types of fins ( standard, tube, ring) and a couple different recovery methods. I talked about odd rocs, my cow was a hit again. Everyone liked Sumo. I mentioned the FAA's rules on the size of rockets. I talked briefly about staged rockets and clusters when I ran out of time. I answered a few questions after the meeting.

Patrick and another leader John, mentioned that they do a pack launch each year in August. They usually lose a lot of rockets and would welcome us to join/ assist them next year.

One parent will be checking out our website to learn more about rocketry. Patrick also mentioned that he would be happy to forward anything to the Scout Leader Round Table to help "get the word out" about our club, events, or anything we want the kids to know about.

Tonight was a lot of fun and MASA made a few new friends/ contacts in the process.

[Mike Erpelding]


9-19-2003 Bloomington Cub Scout Pack 404 Outreach

I did the other demo yesterday. Like Mike, I arrived a bit early and set up in time for the meeting. I brought Mars Lander, Orbital Transport, Shuttle Columbia, Skywinder, Silver Comet, a UFO, a payloader, and Tethys. Also some posters, flyers, and photos.

I also got 20 minutes, and talked about the same sorts of things Mike did The safety code, rocket sizes, kinds of recovery systems, kinds of payloads. They had a parking lot that was just large enough to launch two rockets:  a Quest UFO on a B6-0, and my Silver Comet on a C11-3. Not quite enough room to launch Tethys -). Both flights landed within 50' of the pad, and the scouts went away happy. Some parents asked for the MASA contact info, and I gave them a flyer.

[Ted Cochran]

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