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Last updated: May 23, 2003
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Year 5 at Westwood! (5/23/2003)

Westwood Elementary School Build and Fly 2003

On Friday, May 23, about 75 Westwood Elementary School fourth-graders launched about 26 colorful Estes Generic E2X's, watched by a couple of other classes. They were assisted by MASA's Ted Cochran and Alan Estenson. This was the sixth consecutive year that Ted has helped out with this event, and the second time that Alan has helped..

With Ted's assistance, the kids had assembled their rockets in a previous building session.

The launch weather was warm & sunny with only a light breeze. The launch commenced at 2:00 with a brief safety talk and kids were soon prepping rockets. Six pads were used to make sure that every rocket would be flown by the 3:30 deadline.

Nearly every rocket flew well, with just two misfires and a couple shock cord separations.  All of the rockets stayed on the school grounds and none were lost to the trees.  The group with the highest duration time was awarded medals with astronaut pictures for the runners-up.

The kids were also treated to an assortment of demonstration launches, including Ted's UFO and Silver Comet, and Alan's Gemini DC, 2-stage Longshot, and CiCi boost glider.  The launch concluded on time with Alan's flight of his pyramid "Khufu's Revenge" on a F21, and nearly everyone left with a re-flyable rocket.

(In case you're wondering how there could be two "Year 5's" in a row, it's because there was a miscount somewhere in the past...)

(Ted Cochran)


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