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Last updated: May 23, 2003
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Scout outreach launch report (5/23/2003)

On May 17, 2003, MASA members Mike Erpelding and Steve Handeland assisted with a huge Scout launch.

Well, Saturday was a great day for flying rockets! I left home at 835 A.M. with the car and my trailer loaded up with launch gear (my new pickup motor suffered a "CATO" on Wednesday). I arrived at the gate of Camp Stearns near Fairhaven at 900 <grin>.

I got directions for the launch site from one of the Scout Leaders at the Metro Lakes campsite. I met MASA member and Scout Launch Coordinator Steve Handeland when I got there. Tom Tweitt, Southern MN TRA member and Scout leader, arrived shortly there afterward.( I apologize guys for not remembering your titles). Steve and I helped set up Tom's 16 pad launcher. I also set up the sound system, caution tape, one table and strategically placed several trash buckets for the Scouts to use.

Some of the senior high aged Scouts helped the younger ones prep their rockets and conducted an initial safety check for us; since I believe the rockets were built the night before. Some Scouts were finishing the construction of the rockets at the shelter area. We caught a few things they missed, nothing major; just some loose or missing launch lugs. Nothing a little masking tape can't fix < grin>.

As a group of Scouts wandered down to the pads, we loaded up the pads until we ran out of space or scouts. Steve told me that they had about 125 Scouts participating. We were using Quest A6-4's in the Scouts rockets. Our biggest problem of the day was the unreliability of Quest's Tiger Tail Igniters. They were the main cause of missfires. Finally we just replaced a couple with Estes Solar Igniters; because a couple Tiger Tails wouldn't even try to ignite.

Another Scout Leader had a water rocket project that the kids were having fun with all day.

Tom also put some of his larger rockets on display for the kids as well as some different RMS casings. Many were impressed to see rockets Bigger Than Estes. We answered several questions. Tom did a demo launch after the Scouts of each Troop finished with theirs. One really neat one was a Stars and Stripes Super Roc style rocket about 8+feet tall on a F37.

After lunch the wind picked up a little; but was still good flying weather.

A good time was had by all.

[Mike Erpelding]

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