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Last updated: May 9, 2002
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA represented at Rocketry Exploration Days! (5/9/2002)

Leland and I joined quite a few rocketeers from Tripoli Minnesota and Tripoli Southern Minnesota for the TSM-sponsored Rocketry Exploration Days in Waseca today [Sunday, May 5, 2002]. Several tables full of rockets were on exhibit in the cafeteria of Waseca Jr. High, and more than a few rockets, too big for the table, were arrayed on the floor, along with Ky Michaelson's rocket powered wheelchair. Approximately 30 non-affiliated members of the general public joined us; we were treated to a nice talk by Ky on his space shot attempt last year and one planned for next month, an Alpha III build and fly session for the kids, and a water rocket range as well.

It was, shall we say, a mite breezy, but Leland set up his nice yellow jacket pad and the Alpha IIIs took to the sky, along with a few demo flights from some of the rest of us. Leland launched and recovered an Alpha III on a C6-7 that went at least a third of a mile downwind. Undeterred, he also launched and recovered a Mosquito (I think it was a veteran of the March launch, too). I launched Streaming Broadband for a successful flight, although some of the 8' streamer tore off (and beat the body and the rest of the streamer to the ground). I also launched a Silver Comet for its 25th flight, this on a D12-3 to qualify a leg for NARTREK Bronze. Leland launched a D rocket too, but it separated.

Seth and the rest of his Apollo 7 Minnesota Rocket League team got a 114 second MOOSE sensor flight, with the MOOSE sensor capsule recovered approximately 1/2 mile down range (data reduction is not yet complete, but apogee was estimated at 300' and the parachute got a good bubble of lift whilst floating over a newly plowed field). Although the team had two theodolites, they didn't get many data points in part due to lack of practice and in part due to radio troubles.

The wind didn't really die down by the closing time of 4:00 PM, so a lot of the nicer rockets stayed grounded. All the better for the May launches!


[above left] - Ted and Leland's rocket forest. A good representation of scale models, including Leland's new and gorgeous V2. The BHR hulks in the background.

[above right] - Ky Michaelson holds forth on his Space Launch attempt.

(Ted Cochran)


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