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Last updated: Dec 16, 2000
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Ted's summary of his outreach efforts in early 1999
(He was busy!)

From: Cochran, Ted C
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 1999
To: Russell Durkee
Subject: RE: Demo Numbers

The short story is:

Date Where Number kids Notes
5/14 Westwood Elem. ~100 Build session, 24 Generic E2X's, 4 kids per rocket
5/28 Anthony Middle ~200-250 Launch assist.  We launched ~100; helped lots more
5/28 Westwood II same ~100 Launched the Generic E2X's & about 6 demos
6/3 Coon Rapids Middle ~150 Demo - 21 launches for 6 classes
6/10 Kenny Elem ~50+ Launch assist - ~50 kids' rockets & about 5 demos
6/29 Creative Kidstuff 12 Build & launch session - 12 E2X's & 5 demos

I think that's all. Around 500 kids in total. My controller certainly got a workout!

Larry, Bob, & Joe helped at one or more. Alan did at least one other, too, with 4H I think.

  Coon Rapids Middle School MASA Demo, May 1999   Westwood Elementary 4th Grade Rocket Launch, May 28 1999

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