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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Alan Estenson, Webmaster

100 energetic 4th graders (6/5/2000)

MASA members Ted Cochran, Ken Corey-Edstrom, Alan Estenson, and Glen Overby spent a fun afternoon at Westwood Elementary school on Friday, June 2, helping the fourth grade class launch the rockets they built last month. About 100 kids came prepared to burn A8-3s in their colorfully-decorated Generic E2X rockets. Despite more trouble than usual with ignitors, frequent holds for aircraft, and occasional holds for breezes, all 69 rockets were launched within two hours, and all but one were recovered on the field. There were only a few separations, and all but two of the rockets will be able to fly again. The winner of the second annual duration contest turned in a very respectable time of 25.5 Mississippis, as chanted in unison by the highly calibrated audience.

The kids were then treated to a few demonstration launches by Alan, Ted, Glen, and Ken, including an Estes Maniac, a WAC Corporal, an Estes Snitch and a Quest UFO in a drag race, and finally Ted's Testbed on 3 Ds and Alan's Initiator on an E15-4 (the latter two launched under FAR 101.22 notification). All but one of the demo rockets were also recovered on the field. [A rocket-eating tree grabbed Glen's WAC.]  There were several parents in attendance, and MASA might gain a member or two as a bonus from our afternoon of fun.

(Ted Cochran) [ed. Alan Estenson]

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