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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Elk River High School student launch (5/21/2000)

[Saturday May 20] There were five boys from a science class that were running a competition event for their class. There were five or six competitors in addition to the high school boys. It was a little windy, and the junior high field was a little small, but manageable on C's. The editor of the local Elk River paper was there to take pictures and do a write-up. {I made sure to promote MASA and our launch tomorrow at Otsego.} 

Three MASA members were in attendance today; Glen Overby, David Fergus, and Sarah Fergus (10 yrs old). Sarah easily won the altitude contest with her Estes Alpha tuned to fine smooth finish on a C6-7 going to about 1000 feet. It went so high and straight that the altitude measuring person lost it and asked her to fly it again. This was the main purpose of their science class to have made an altitude measuring device and then use it in a contest. Sarah's prize was the Estes classic tie fighter kit (skill level III) donated by Hub Hobby (Thanks, Alan).

David Fergus won an Estes Death Star in the appearance category with his scratch built Heavy Lifter which he flew on a D12-3. There was an extra 3 oz. in the payload so it only went to about 150 ft with a launch weight of 10.4 oz. The duration contest was based on how close your duration was to your guess before the launch. David won this contest by only 0.03 seconds with his Estes Photon Disrupter on a B6-4. All prizes were donated by Hub Hobby, and both MASA and model rocketry were favorably represented to the public. Altogether a very successful rocket day.

(David Fergus)

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