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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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69 new rockets to be flown in June (5/9/2000)

The second annual Westwood Elementary School rocket building session was held Friday 5 May, 2000. Last year, the rockets were built by teams of four fourth graders. This year Generic E2Xs were built by individuals or by teams of two kids, resulting in about three times as many rockets being built in the same amount of time. We divided the fourth grade classes into two groups of about fifty kids each (mostly to keep the noise level down), and the two sessions were each conducted in an hour. This year's E2X's had pre-made parachutes, which helped simplify things enormously, and the rockets all came out well.

They will be flown in two hour launch event at Westwood on June 2 (Rain date June 5). We're looking for MASA members to come and help and to launch a few rockets too! (Let Ted know if you need an FAA notification issued; the site will easily support launches to 500'. If the wind is favorable, a LOC-IV on a G might be fun to try.....)

(Ted Cochran)

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