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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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North High science club launch (4/29/2000)

We had terrific weather for yesterday's [April 26] launch of rockets made by the members of the science club at Minneapolis North Community High School. Despite the small field (the school's football/track stadium), and the 10mph breeze, we practiced good motor selection and all of the rockets were recovered--all but one on the field. Even though all but one of the rockets was scratch built, there was little carnage. One rocket failed to fully deploy its recovery system on all three of its flights, and there were a couple of Estes dents--that's it.

Highlights included:

  • Two perfect flights by the first rocket ever built by one of the club members.
  • Two perfect flights by the only two stage rocket on the field--the first an A10-0 (in an adapter) staging to an A8-3, and the second a B6-0 staging to a 1/2A6-2. (Bring back the A8-5!)
  • The launch and successful recovery in Ted's payload rocket of a big bug that volunteered for the mission by crawling up the side of Ted's rocket box during prep. 

There were a total of 14 flights burning 16 motors: 3 1/2A, 3 A, 5 B, and 3 C.

Plans are to finish some more rockets, build some simple payloads, and launch again before school lets out.

(Ted Cochran)

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