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Last updated: April 19, 2008
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FiTi - "Fly it, Take it"

The "Fly it, Take it" (FiTi) program originated with NARAM 50 in 2008.  NAR sections around the country were asked to build and donate basic rockets for the event.  At NARAM, visiting youngsters would be able to pick out a rocket, be given an engine and help prepping the rocket for flight, fly it, and then take the rocket home with them!


2010 - NARAM 52

MASA's FiTi rocket donations for NARAM 52

  • Kevin, Hunter, and Levi Anderson - RockStar (scratch built), Semroc SEV, Estes Big Bertha (orange & white)

  • Steve Brown - Quest Falcon

  • Bob Moyle - Quest Falcon, Semroc Astron

  • Dwayne Shmel - Sunward Box Racer (Iron Man)

  • Mike Erpelding - Quest Astra (red, white, blue), Custom Venture (Stars 'n Stripes)

  • Buzz McDermott - Custom SLV, Quest Payloader One, Estes Super Nova

  • David Whitaker - Estes Dragonite, Quest Astra III

  • Art and Philip Gibbens - Custom Redliner, Estes Wizard, Estes Astra, Quest Gamma Ray, Estes Mini Mean Machine

  • Todd Carpenter - Custom Atomic, Quest Starhawk

  • Mark Thell - Sirius Interrogator, Quest Future Launch Vehicle

  • Alan Estenson - Groove Tube clones (one red, one blue), Quest Area 51 SPEV saucers (two, with N52 decals), Estes E2X (three, with N52 decals)

  • Jeff Taylor - Estes Patriots (Toy Story, Disney Princess, and Flames), Semroc Squire (Denver Broncos), Quest Aerobee (pink and purple stars)

  • Andy Heren - Baby Berthas (Charlie Brown, Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, and classic)

  • Neal Higgins - Custom Atomic, Triskelion, Baby Bertha (Stars 'n Stripes), Custom Razor (metallic orange/brown)

  • Carol Marple - Quest Seeker, Quest Triton X, Big Bertha (Superman), Estes Patriots (Super Girl, Little Mermaid)

Thanks to Carol Marple for arranging the donation, collecting all the rockets, and making all the labels that went with them.  Thanks to Ted Cochran for hauling them to NARAM.  Thanks to Buzz McDermott for the FiTi building session at his house and for providing several of the kits that other people built.

"I'd like to offer a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated rockets for the NARAM 52 Fly-it/Take-it event! It was an overwhelming success!!!

MASA has supported the NARAM FiTi event since it began 3 years ago. Club members donated 10 rockets to the first FiTi event and 36 rockets to the second FiTi event. This year, I issued a challenge for the club to meet last year's donation amount... I'm thrilled to report that we donated 50 rockets to this year's event!!!

As always, the rockets were very nicely done. Each rocket got its very own information sheet, which listed the rocket name, manufacturer, suggested engines, the builder's name and email (or the club's email address), and our club web address.

I posted pictures to the Photos section, and there will be an article in the next MASA Planet.

Although the FiTi event was advertised for Saturday and Sunday, the organizers did a fantastic job of offering FiTi rockets to any younger person they saw at the launch site throughout the week. I saw at least a few kids launching rockets that I recognized as our FiTi donations.

Again, thank you very much for your support!

MASA President (and FiTi coordinator)"


2009 - NARAM 51

(Paraphrased from the MASA Planet, Volume 12, Issue 5)

NARAM 51's Fly It / Take It Rocket Donations

by Carol Marple

I'd like to thank everyone who donated rockets for the NARAM 51 fly-it/take-it event.  There was an amazing response to my request!

I was *hoping* for maybe 20 rockets - we donated 10 last year, and I hoped to double it - but MASA members really came through for this great "pay it forward" opportunity.  In all, MASA members donated 36 rockets!!!

No, that's not a typo.  We really donated 36 rockets from 16 MASA members !!!

I was amazed by the response, not just in the quantity of donated rockets but the quality.  We donated rockets of all types, sizes, and colors.  Everyone took great care in building, finishing, and painting each and every rocket.

Each rocket got its very own information sheet, which listed the rocket name, manufacturer, suggested engines, the builder's name and email, and our club web address.  (If I didn't have your email address, or I didn't ask for your permission to use it, I used my email address instead. I'll post any responses I receive.)

Again, thank you so very much for your support!

NARAM note by Ted Cochran:  "They went fast!  Saturday was the first day, and they didn't have many kids, but many of our rockets were selected.  The real crowds came Sunday, and last time I looked, in early afternoon, they were practically all gone.  I saw a mom and a little girl who had flown the "Hello Kitty" rocket, and they were extremely grateful - they were happy there was a card so they could send a picture.  I heard second hand that Carol's rockets were oohed and ahhhed over, and while a little boy picked out a payloader, his mom wanted Little Mermaid.  Great job - there sure were beautiful rockets!"

2009 FiTi Rocket Builders were:  Andy Heren, Mark Thell, Neal Higgins, Carol Marple, Ben Ericksen, Daniel, Caleb, and Joshua Boe, Mike Erpelding, Jeff Taylor, Todd Carpenter, Ted Cochran, Alan Estenson, David Whitaker, Jim Myers, and Buzz McDermott.


2008 - NARAM 50

(Paraphrased from the MASA Planet, Volume 11, Issue 4)

MASA Donates Rockets to NARAM 50

by Carol Marple

NARAM 50 is hosting a Fly-It / Take-It event on July 26 and 27.  This event allows youngsters as well as first-time flyers of any age to pick out a rocket, fly it at NARAM 50, and then take it home with them.  NARAM 50 organizers asked NAR Sections around the country to build and donate rockets for this event. 

Ten rockets were built by various MASA members.  After they were collected, I supplied a note about each one to let the new owner know the specifics about his or her new rocket (name, manufacturer, recommended engines, donor's name, etc).

In all, MASA donated 10 rockets for this event.  They were:  Estes Alpha (Andy Heren), two Semroc Boids (Alan Estenson), Semroc Squire (Jeff Taylor), Estes Alpha, Quest Aries and Estes Alpha (Andy), Estes Patriot and Semroc Rawhide (Carol Marple) and Estes Patriot (Jeff).

Thank you to all who donated rockets!!

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