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Last updated: Oct. 18, 2002
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MASA Officer Job Descriptions

Nominations for the positions of MASA officers are taken each year at the November meeting.  Officer elections take place at the January meeting.  Officer positions are open to any MASA members who are senior members of the NAR.

These positions require your time outside launches and meetings. Officers communicate regularly via email or telephone.


Vice President


Duties of the MASA President

  1. Most of all, the President must set the tone for the club and have the time and energy to keep the club interesting and fun for everybody. Time commitment is typically a couple hours per week.

  2. Correspond with NAR at the national level as necessary.

  3. Oversee club launches, meetings, activities.

  4. Direct and assist Vice President and Secretary as needed.

  5. Find suitable presentation topics for meetings.

  6. Locate and reserve meeting space. Maintain relationship with building owner (Currently, the Science Museum of Minnesota). 

  7. Notify FAA or Air Traffic Control as needed before and after launches. Maintain a good working relationship with local regulatory organizations.

  8. Locate launch fields. The President must also maintain a positive relationship with landowners so launch site can be retained for club use.

  9. Along with the other officers, the President solicits club members for special duties such as RSO, webmaster, newsletter editor, etc.

  10. Keep in contact with the club membership though email, newsletter articles, or phone calls.

  11. Keep up to date with the latest FAA, BATF, and NAR rulings that pertain to our activities and keep the club members informed.

  12. Verify that all club bylaws are up to date and the safety code is followed as closely as possible.


Duties of the MASA Vice President

  1. The Vice President must be able to take care of the President's duties when he is not able or assist the President in some of the duties outlined above. Time commitment is typically a couple hours per week.

  2. Coordinate the maintenance, storage, and transportation of launch equipment.

  3. Keep in phone contact with club members who are not online.

  4. The Vice President is a primary contact for new and interested members.

  5. Keep track of lost and found items.


Duties of the MASA Secretary/Treasurer

This position is held by one person who is responsible for the club membership and club account. Microsoft Access is used to maintain the club membership database and the club financial records are recorded using Microsoft Excel. All club paperwork is maintained in a club file folder briefcase.

Duties of the MASA Secretary

  1. Receive membership applications. Applications will either arrive in the mail (mailed to the Secretary) or will be delivered at a club event (i.e. launch).

  2. Keep a supply of club brochures (with membership application) and make available at club events. People wishing to know more about the club and possibly wanting a membership form will be directed to the Secretary.

  3. Maintain the membership database. New members will need to be added to the database and renewing members will need updating.

  4. Printout (in color) membership cards and mail to members (new card design for each year).

  5. Provide necessary mailings (brochures, newsletters, schedule, etc.? - these items may be provided by others). Mailing will have members MASA number and expiration data on address label (generated from the membership database).

  6. Make sure President and Vice President have current copies of the membership database.

  7. Maintain club paperwork (in an orderly fashion) in the club file folder briefcase.

  8. Maintain club event schedule. Publish this schedule where necessary (website, newsletter, etc.? - these may be maintained by others)

Duties of the MASA Treasurer

  1. Receive membership dues (typically sent with application).

  2. Record paid (and unpaid) members. This is through the membership database.

  3. Dues may be sent in as a personal check (the check should be made out to the secretary). This will need converting to cash. The club account is kept in a cash status (no bank account involved).

  4. Pay club expenses as they arise, out of the club funds. Expenses are approved through a yearly budget or a consensus of the club officers.

  5. Send out a renewal notice to all unpaid members at the end of the year. This will be a reminder for members to renew.  (This is typically done through the newsletter instead of as a separate mailing.)