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2014 MASA Officer Nominations

Nominations for 2014 MASA officer positions opened at the November MASA meeting and will remain open until midnight on December 7th. Nominees will have until December 14th to accept their nomination and become a candidate, or decline their nomination and have their name withdrawn. Nominees do not become candidates until they accept their nomination.

The election/vote will be held at the January 2014 MASA meeting. However, if there is only one candidate per officer position when the nomination period closes, MASA custom and precedent allows us to confirm those candidates as your 2014 MASA Officers without holding a formal vote.

You may nominate yourself or a fellow club member by emailing current MASA President Neal Higgins, or by posting the nomination to the Yahoo masarocketry email list. Reminder - MASA officers must be current NAR members and MASA members.

For anyone who is interested, descriptions of the positions may be read online.

Current Nominees / Candidates


  • Neal Higgins (nominated and seconded, 11-14-2013; accepted by Neal)

Vice President

  • Jeff Taylor (nominated and seconded, 11-14-2013; accepted by Jeff)


  • Carol Marple  (nominated and seconded, 11-14-2013; accepted by Carol)

If you have any questions regarding club officer responsibilities, you can post on the Yahoo masarocketry email list or email Neal directly.

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