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2011 MASA Badge Design Contest

Scroll down to see the entries that were received.

All MASA members are invited to submit their designs for next year's MASA member name badge!  All entries must be submitted by November 1 to Jason Colt, MASA Secretary / Treasurer.  All of the entries received will be voted on at the November MASA meeting, and the winning design will be used for next year's name badge.


  • Badge size must be 2" x 3-1/2"
  • Front of the badge must have these required elements: 
    • Member name (in a color, size and typeface that is easily readable)
    • "Member 2011"
    • MASA Logo with "Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association" spelled out
  • Back of the badge must have these required elements:
    • Member name and phone number
    • MASA member number
    • "Member since: xxxx"
    • Club web site address ""
  • And, somewhere on the badge: NAR Logo with "section 576" by or under it.
  • Use your imagination, but badge design should be "in good taste".

The final file format needs to be Microsoft PowerPoint.  However, you may use any software or means at your disposal to create your design.  (So long as, in the end, it can be imported into PowerPoint.)

Here is a blank PowerPoint template file to get you started.

For some sample graphics, and images of past year's badge designs, see this web page.

To submit your design, send it to Jason at

Have fun with your badge design (and you can submit more than one!). 

Candidates for the 2011 MASA member name badge design:

Thank you to the artists!  (click on each one to see a larger image)


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