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MASA Picnic - Version 2008

and The Eleventh Annual MASA Swap -n- Sell!

will be held on Saturday, July 19, 2008

rocket launching:  2 pm - 5 pm
eating & socializing:  5 pm - 8 pm

at the VFW picnic area & rocket launchin' fields
Elk River & Rogers VFW post, Otsego

Come help us celebrate MASA's Tenth Anniversary!

All MASA members, their families, their guests, past MASA members, and prospective members are invited to attend!
Come for the whole afternoon/evening, or just part of it!
Please RSVP by July 17
Volunteers needed!

Last updated on:  July 18

RSVP Count: 40 people

The eleventh annual MASA summer picnic will be held at the VFW soccer fields that are an occasional club launch site near Elk River.   There will be eating, rocket talk, fun and games, the opportunity for rocket launching, and drawings for free prizes!  Put it on your calendar now; it's always lots of fun!

We're hoping to have a tremendous turnout of people as we have a big party to celebrate MASA's 10th Anniversary!  If you know any past MASA members (who we may not have seen in a while), please pass along word of the picnic to them and let them know that they're invited.

Take a look at what went on at the picnics in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, and 1998.


(from the Twin Cities)
Take I-94 west toward St. Cloud. Exit on Hwy 101 (Rogers/Elk River exit).  Take a right (North) on Hwy 101 and drive several miles. Exit at Highway 37, take a left and drive just past the townhouses, take a right onto Quaday Ave. Field is a short distance up that road, adjacent to a VFW community center on the right side of Quaday Ave.  Address is 7350 Quaday Ave, Elk River, MN 55330.


What will be Provided

  • Hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and condiments!

  • Beverages! (soda and such)

  • Special MASA anniversary cake!

  • Disposable plates, cups, napkins, utensils, etc

  • Coolers with ice for things that need to be kept cool

  • The soccer fields, for rocket launchin'.

  • Lots of rocket geeks. [ahem]



What you should Bring

  • A food item to share with the group - traditional picnic items like potato salad, chips, cookies, beans, etc or anything else that you'd like to bring!

  • Any serving utensils or cutting knives that you need for your shared food items.

  • Your MASA name tag.

  • Lawn chairs (or a blanket, maybe a folding table).

  • A shade canopy (if you own one)  Make sure you stake it to the ground!

  • (optional) If you don't care for hot dogs or hamburgers, feel free to bring your own grill-able item.

  • (optional) Personal or "adult" beverages.

  • (optional) Stuff for the swap -n- sell.

  • (optional) Your latest rocket project - just to show it off.

  • (optional) Rockets and launch equipment so you can do some flyin'

The following list will be updated regularly as people RSVP so we don't end up with 10 bags of chips or something like that...
People have volunteered to bring the following food items to share:

  • Veggie tray

  • Potato salad

  • chips, Doritos, Cheetos

  • cookies

  • "salad type thing for eating"  :-)

  • Nancy's famous calico baked beans

  • brownies

  • pickles

  • roasted corn on the cob!



We need people to help out!

  • Fabulous Grill-Meister (FGM):  One or more people to fire up the BBQ.  Will need to bring spatulas and other grilling implements.  THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF THE EVENING!

    •   Art Gibbens

    •   Andy Heren

  • Condiment Provider (CP):  MASA will be providing catsup, mustard, and relish.  If you'd like to bring other condiments to share, feel free to do so!

  • Beverage Supply Officer (BSO):   MASA will be providing soda and ice water!

  • Watermelon Carving Wizard (WCW):   Someone to bring a tasty picnic-type watermelon as well as suitable knife to carve it up.

    •  Boe family

  • Fun Activities Augmentator (FAA):   One or more people to bring frisbees, balls, and other fun picnic-y type things.

    • [needed]

  • Launch Wrangler (LW):  Act as head honcho and supreme overlord of the rocket range

    • [needed]

  • LCO/RSO's:  Run the rocket range

    • 2pm - 3pm Rick Vatsaas

    • 3pm - 4pm Buzz McDermott

    • 4pm - 5pm Mike Erpelding

  • Anything else that you'd specifically like to volunteer to do?  Please let us know.

To sign up for any of these, please email or include it with your RSVP.  Thank you!


Swap -n- Sell

MASA members are invited to bring along any rocketry-related items that they would like to swap or sell.  (Time to clean out that closet!)

The following people will be bringing:

  • Alan Estenson -  LOC EZI-65 kit (no parachute)





Rocket Launching

The range WILL be under RSO / LCO control at all times!  The launch range will open at 2pm and shut down at 5pm sharp.  NO LAUNCHES WILL BE PERMITTED AFTER 5PM.  (Water rockets and air-powered foam "stomp" rockets will be permitted after 5pm.)

If you have a "1981 Inspired" rocket that you built for the Kitbash Kontest, be sure to bring it along!

If you built a "Golden Scout", we encourage you to bring it along and fly it at the picnic as part of the "Sky of Gold" celebration.

This will be an official MASA club launch.  The launch range will be open from 2pm until 5pm.  Flight cards will be used to record all launches.  If there is not a RSO/LCO volunteer for a duty shift, the range will be shut down until a RSO/LCO comes on duty.  The field limits are:

  • Maximum lift-off weight of one pound.
  • Normal maximum motor size of "E".
  • Clusters & 3-stage flights allowed but are subject to RSO approval.

YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN LAUNCH PAD & CONTROLLER (GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT) or arrange in advance to share one with someone else.  (We will NOT be setting up any "community pads".)  We will lay out a range area using a "misfire alley" configuration.  The Launch Wrangler will direct you on where to set up your equipment on this range.  You will use your own launch equipment and push your own launch button, but you will do so under the direction of an LCO/RSO.  We will provide cellulose wadding and flight cards.

If you have any questions about this setup, please ask them now!

In the case of extreme heat or high winds, the launching portion of the picnic will be canceled.  The, um, picnic part of the picnic will still be held.


Free "Door" Prizes

There will be drawings for lots of free prizes!  Everyone attending will be eligible for these drawings.  If you have something to donate, or you convince your local hobby store to donate something, please let us know!  Must be present at the time of the drawing to win.  Drawing will be held around 7pm.

Door prizes will include:  

  • Donated by MASA

    • Five $10 gift cards to Hub Hobby Center

    • Motor toolbox/organizer

    • Three medium toolboxes

    • Three sets of building supplies

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada

    • Estes X-Ray kit

    • Estes Astron Alpha IV kit

    • Estes Nemesis kit

    • Estes ARV Condor kit

    • Estes Menace kit

    • Estes Canadian Arrow kit

    • Estes Night Wing kit

    • Estes Venus Probe kit

    • LOC Star Fighter 152 kit

    • Quest C6-5 motors

    • Aerotech F25-9W motor

  • Donated by Hub Hobby Center, Richfield

    • Estes Screaming Eagle kit

    • Estes Nova Payloader kit

    • Estes Sizzler kit

    • Semroc Starfire kit

    • Semrco Squire kit

    • FlisKits Overdrive kit

    • Fliskits Freedom Forge Missile kit

    • Custom Evil One kit

    • Custom Ion Pulsar kit

    • Custom Venture kit

    • Custom Chief kit

    • LOC 36" nylon chute

    • Estes B6-4 motors

    • 2 packs Quest B6-4 motors

  • Donated by Ken Jarosch

    • Estes SpaceShipOne kit

    • Blast Off Flight Pack

A HUGE thank you to all the business and individuals who donated prizes!


RSVP Please!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could RSVP by the evening of Thursday, July 17.  Please list: how many people will be attending, what food item you'll be bringing to share for the pot-luck (if you know what it'll be), if you'll be filling any of the volunteer positions, if you'll be donating any door prizes, and items you'll be bringing for the swap -n- sell (if you want them listed on this page beforehand).

Please send your email RSVP to

See you there!

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