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Last updated: June 18, 2001
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Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA members visit the MN Air National Guard Museum (6/18/2001)

On Tuesday evening, June 12, over 20 MASA members came together at the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum near the MPLS/St. Paul International Airport.  The occasion was an exclusive opportunity for a guided tour and visit to several of the airplane cockpits.  This special event was organized by MASA member and museum volunteer Jeff Hove (Thanks Jeff!) who also served as one of the tour guides for the evening.  Our other tour guide was museum volunteer Ray Peterson (Thanks Ray!) who proved to be a veritable fount of information about the aircraft and exhibits at the musuem.  Several other museum volunteers were also there to open the buildings and escort us around as this was not a time that the museum was normally open.  I didn't get all of your names, but thanks for being there!

The highlight of the evening was being able to look at and sit in the cockpit of the museum's A-12 Blackbird.  Other cockpit tours included the DC-3 and C-97 transports.  We were also able to take a good look at the other airplanes on display, including a T-33, F-89, F-102, F-4, C-130, and others.  The Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles mounted on the F-4 underwent a lot of scrutiny!

In addition to the airplanes, we were able to look at the museum's collection of piston and turbine engines, trainers, the spy camera, and a JATO bottle.

For those of you who missed this tour, you have another opportunity on Saturday June 30 at 10am.  It's well worth the trip and your small donation for admission!

To find out more about the museum, please visit their web site at http//

Jeff Hove writes:

The museum really needs volunteers of every type. Some of the main jobs are:

  • Aircraft restoration
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Artifact preservation
  • General housekeeping
  • Librarian
  • Gift shop clerk
  • Airshow fundraising team (travel to airshows with an F-4 Phantom cockpit for people to sit in and get a Poloroid photo for a contribution to the museum). It is a great way to see airshows for free and usually get "performer" flight-line access.

Volunteers usually work Wednesday evenings and/or Saturday mornings/afternoons.

If you or anyone you know loves aviation, it is a great opportunity.

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