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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

MASA Picnic - Version 2000

and The Third Annual MASA Swap -n- Sell!

All MASA members, their families, their guests, and prospective members are welcome!
If possible, please RSVP by Thursday, July 6.
Volunteers needed!
Updated July 7, 5pm.

RSVP Count: 45 people

Location: Veterans Park, New Brighton
Date: Saturday, July 8
Time: from about 5 pm until dark

The third annual MASA summer picnic will be held at Veterans Park in the city of New Brighton.  Veterans Park offers such amenities as:  gazebo and picnic area, BBQ, softball field, playground, restrooms, horseshoe pits (provide your own shoes), ducks and geese (free of charge unless you feed them your dinner), and a very special connection to the world of rocketry and space flight!
MASA has reserved the picnic area of the park from 3 until 9 pm on Saturday, July 8.  The picnic will start around 5, but you're certainly welcome to arrive early.  There will be eating, rocket talk (plenty of that), drawings for prizes, and the opportunity to launch (small) rockets if you wish!

New Brighton Public Park Rules:  park closes at 11 pm, no golfing, all pets must be on leash, no fireworks, no glass containers in the trash - you must remove them from the park, beer & wine (in small quantities) permitted only in picnic areas.  (Behave yourself, we'll be right next door to the New Brighton Police Department.)

We do realize that the Minnesota Tripoli launch at North Branch is on this same day.  However, only about 20% of the MASA membership belongs to both groups.  Plus, the North Branch launch typically winds down by mid-afternoon; giving you time to go home, clean up, and come to the picnic to relax in the evening.


Veterans Park is conveniently near the intersection of I-35W and I-694.  It is located next to the New Brighton City Hall at the corner of Old Highway 8 and 8th Street NW. 

From I-694:  Exit on Long Lake Road, go south (the road will curve so that you'll be heading east), at the stoplight at Old Highway 8 take a right, go about 2 blocks and take a left onto 8th Street (between City Hall and the fire station), parking lot is behind City Hall.

From I-35W:  Exit on County Road E2, go west until you get to Old Highway 8 and then take a right, go about 3 blocks and take a right onto 8th Street (between City Hall and the fire station), parking lot is behind City Hall.

What will be Provided

  • A grill for cooking your stuff

  • Disposable plates

  • Disposable cups

  • Disposable plastic utensils

  • A cooler with ice for things that need to be kept cool

  • A lovely park setting.

  • Lots of rocket geeks. [ahem]


What to Bring (Food!)

  • Any serving utensils or cutting knives that you need for your food items.

  • Your MASA name tag.

  • Lawn chairs (or a blanket).

  • Grill-able items for yourself and your posse.

  • (optional) Your own beverage.  (hopefully, we will have lemonade for everybody)

  • A food item to share with the group (or volunteer for one of the jobs under Volunteers)

  • (optional) Rockets and launch equipment. (see below for more info)

  • (optional) Stuff for the swap -n- sell.

  • (optional) Your latest rocket project - just to show it off.

The following list will be updated regularly as people RSVP so we don't end up with 10 bags of chips or something like that...
People have volunteered to bring the following food items to share:

  • chips (1 person)

  • 2 liter bottle of Coke (1 person)

  • 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke (1 person)

  • 2 cases of soda pop (1 person)

  • "bean hotdish" (1 person)

  • "mystery salad" (2 people)

  • potato salad (1 person)

  • coleslaw (1 person)

  • etc



We need people to help out!  (A lot of you promised to help, right?  Right?)

  • Picnic Coordination Officer (PCO): Alan Estenson  Organizes this madness.

  • Fabulous Grill-Meister (FGM):  One or more people to fire up the BBQ.  Will need to bring charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, spatulas, and other grilling accessories as desired.  THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF THE EVENING!

    • Art Gibbens has volunteered to be a FGM.  (Thanks Art!)

    • Russ Durkee has also volunteered his grill talents.  (Thanks Russ!)

  • Condiment Provider (CP):  One or more people to bring along catsup (ketchup?), mustard, and whatever other condiments you deem appropriate for burgers, hot dogs, and such things.

    • Steve Robb has volunteered to fill this need. (Thanks Steve!)

  • Beverage Supply Officer (BSO):  One or more people to bring jugs of lemonade (or similar cold beverage).  Talking rockets makes you thirsty!

    • Glen Overby has volunteered to bring along a couple 2 liters of Coke & Diet Coke as well as a jug of lemonade.  (Thanks Glen!)

    • Tom Schmidt has volunteered to bring along a couple of cases of soda pop.  (Thanks Tom!)

  • Fun Activities Augmentator (FAA):   One or more people to bring frisbees, balls, and other fun picnic-y type things.

    • Chuck Jerve has volunteered to bring along balls and outdoor games. (Thanks Chuck!)

  • Launch Wrangler (LW):  Someone to keep an eye on the rocket launch activities.

    • Ted Cochran has volunteered to serve as Wrangler (Thanks Ted!)

  • Anything else that you'd specifically like to volunteer to do?

To sign up for any of these, please email  or include it with your RSVP.  Thank you!


Swap -n- Sell

MASA members are invited to bring out any rocketry-related items that they would like to swap or sell.  (Time to clean out the closet!)

The following people will be bringing:

  • Alan Estenson:  Seattle Rocket Works "SLAT/s" kit (OOP, MIB), Holverson "Zoomie" kit (MIB)

  • Damian Kostron:  KosRox - kits, body tubes, and more!

  • Ted Cochran:  Collection of USSR space program lapel pins (given to civilian participants in space missions), Flammable Solid stickers, Unopened OOP Estes kits that I'd consider trading - Mean Machine, Broadsword, Heliocopter, Super Vega; Seattle Skunk Works Stealth Alpha (carbon composite fins, F101-15 motor included), OOP Estes BT80A nose cone

  • Russ Durkee:  Battlestar Galactica Laser Torpedo, Estes Streak, Estes SRX, Balsa tailcones for 1/70th scale V2, Apogee Composite Motors, 18 mm, 24mm, 29mm Aerotech Reloads


Rocket Launching

Launching rockets is not the point of the picnic, but merely an available activity.  Many people thought that it would be fun to be able to launch a rocket or two, so...

We have received special permission from the director of New Brighton city parks to launch small rockets during our picnic.  There is a softball field at the east end of the park (opposite end from the picnic area) with a large church parking lot adjacent to it.  This provides a reasonably-sized launch and recovery area, so long as it isn't too windy.

Any rockets launched at or after "dusk" must contain an active light source - led's, glow-stick, etc. [hint, hint]

The following rules will be enforced:

  • No staging.  No clusters.  No complex rockets.

  • "B" engine limit for "normal rockets"!  "C" engines will be allowed in "UFO" or similar high-drag type rockets only!  NO "D" or larger engines will be allowed under any circumstance!

  • This is not an "official" MASA launch event.  Individuals launching rockets will have to organize themselves, listen to the Launch Wrangler, and operate in a safe manner.  The NAR safety code will be strictly observed by all participants.

  • Those wishing to launch rockets must bring their own pads and launch equipment.  The MASA equipment will not be provided at this event.



The city permit for this event cost $45, which wasn't planned into the MASA budget for this year.  To raise this money, Hub Hobby Center of Little Canada has kindly donated a Public Missiles "Phobos" rocket kit worth $52.95 !!  At the picnic, raffle tickets will be "sold" for the incredibly low price of one dollar apiece.  At the end of the evening, hopefully we will have sold at least 45 tickets.  Then, one ticket will be drawn at random.  The holder of this ticket will win the Phobos rocket kit!


Free "Door" Prizes

There will be several drawings for free prizes!  These prizes have been donated by MASA and Hub Hobby Center, Little Canada.  Everyone attending will be eligible for these drawings.

Door prizes will include:  an out-of-production Estes Comanche-3 kit, an out-of-production Estes Mean Machine kit, and much more!


RSVP Please!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could RSVP  by Thursday, July 6.  Please list: how many people will be attending, what food item you'll be bringing to share (if you know what it'll be), if you'll be filling any of the volunteer positions, items you'll be bringing for the swap -n- sell (if you want them listed on this page beforehand).

For anyone without email, please call (651) 639-8019 with your RSVP and leave a message.

See you there!

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