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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Going to NARAM 2000? (12/2/1999)

Some MASA members are organizing an expedition to NARAM 2000 next July. This is the annual competition launch for the NAR, and will be held this year on Vernon Estes' ranch near Penrose, Colorado. In addition to the competition, there is a continuous sport launch beginning the weekend before the competition and lasting all week.

Ted Cochran, Alan Estenson, Bob Brashear, and some of their family members will be renting an RV and leaving late Thursday July 27 or Friday July 28, and returning Saturday August 5th or Sunday August 6th. There still may be some room for another person or two if you need a lift out there, are willing to share gas and driving, and plan to stay in a motel. Let Ted Cochran know. There should be plenty of space for rockets!

If anyone is interested, new RVs ranging from 22' to 29' can be rented from CanAm RV in Shakopee . If enough people split the cost, it can be pretty inexpensive compared to a hotel.

If you decide to go, let's plan to meet up at the launch site--anyone interested in a team entry?

(Ted Cochran)

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