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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Mosquito on a MicroMaxx Motor (8/31/1999)

Later on Saturday afternoon [August 31] in my front yard, I [David Fergus] successfully launched an Estes Mosquito on a Micromaxx engine(twice). Since there was so much interest in them, I thought I would relate my experience to the rest of the club for their further experimentation. Here's how I did it. I wrapped masking tape around the MM engine until it fit snug into the front end of an expended Ax-xT engine casing. I then inserted the modified 6mm/13mm engine adapter into the Mosquito (with the MM engine nozzle approximately level with the back of the fins). I put the rocket on the MM launch system, hooked up a 12 volt battery source to the MM launch controller (the 9vdc battery is totally unreliable), and pushed the button. The rocket both times flew a little unstable to about 15 feet altitude, and then flew farther and faster sideways in reaction to the ejection charge than it flew on impulse (which I suspect is the reaction of this rocket to an Ax-xT ejection charge as well, leading to so many lost rockets). I would deem this method safe for spectators, but they need to be back a ways in case of errant ejection charge direction. The next step is to figure out a way to use the MM igniters on a longer 1/4" launch rod, which should provide a little better stability during initial boost.

(David Fergus)

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