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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Epoxy: Mix A and B, Lather, Cut, Wait Ten Weeks, Repeat... (7/24/1998)

For those of you wondering what happened to Mark Thell's hair, well, it is a story I am sure all of you have heard before, but we never thought it would happen to him.

Last week, Mark was putting the finishing touches on his Estes Impulse when he decided his rocket shop could use a little tidying up.  So, he put the final coat of finishing epoxy on the fins of his rocket and hung it from his rafters so it would be out of the way.  Mark had just started sweeping the floor when he bumped his head into the fins of his rocket, and it stuck.  He turned away, (mostly turned actually) and felt the other fin grab the opposite side of his head.  Mark pulled the rocket from his head and quickly called his barber.

In an emergency procedure that lasted several minutes, Mark's head was shaved to a half an inch of his skull.  All is well and Mark looks just like he did when he joined the Army.  By the way, Mark rallied from his injuries to finish the rocket for the July 25 launch and it flew perfectly on two D12s.  I don't think anyone will question his devotion to the club or the hobby.

Thanks for being such a good sport Mark!
(Russ Durkee)

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