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Last updated: July 20, 2009
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MASA summer picnic 2014

[from the September/October 2014 issue of the MASA Planet newsletter, check out the article for photos from the picnic]

The 2014 MASA Club Picnic was held on Saturday August 9 at Columbia Park picnic shelter in Columbia Heights. Approximately 36 MASA members were in attendance on a day that alternated between sun, clouds and sporadic light drizzle.

The picnic shelter turned out to be adjacent to a nice playground that kept the little one entertained. Lawn darts (not the kind you are thinking of), sidewalk chalk, Frisbee and blowing bubbles kept a great many more of us enter-tained. A special thanks to Art and Stuart for manning the grill keeping up with the demand of burgers and hot dogs.

The picnic marked the unveiling of the 2014 KitBash Kontest, where participating members were to build anything they wanted using parts from an Estes Cosmic Explorer and Vector Force based on anything Star Trek. About a half dozen members debuted their creations at the picnic.

This is the first time the picnic has been held at that location. In past years it has seemed to me that the launch portion of the picnic is typically not well attended, so this year I had suggested that we not do a launch and instead have the picnic at a location that is more centrally located to most of the club members. In hindsight this may have been a misjudgment on my part since most members did in fact want to fly. The picnic grounds did have a tree-lined soccer field, and many members brought some Micro Max rockets, although none were flown.

After we were all fed, Neal awarded door prizes.


Thanks to the businesses and individuals who donated prizes.  Here's the list of the prize winners:  [apologies for any misspelled names!]

Group 1 (Age 14 and under) Prize Winners:  

  • Hannah Fischer - Phoenix Bird

  • Jadon Beard - Photon Probe

  • Ethan Erpelding - Hornet

  • Amelie Isom - Photon Probe

  • Darrien LaRose - Plasma Probe

  • Jennifer Jones - Cosmic Explorer

  • Malcolm LaRose - Payloader II

  • Davis Isom - Space Eagle

  • Jace Flansberg - Vector Force

Group 2 (Age 15 and up) Prize Winners:  

  • Trudy LaRose - Orion

  • Carol Marple - E9-6 engines

  • Phillip Gibbens - E16-6 Engines

  • Jon Isom - Aero Dart

  • Todd Carpenter - Black Star Voyager

  • Art Gibbens - Minataur

  • Renee Gibbens - MIRV

  • Stuart Lenz - US Tog

  • Holly Newton - Xarconian cruiser

(Jeff Taylor)

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