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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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June 2014 MASA meeting

The June 2014 MASA meeting was held on the 5th at the Plymouth Library. 6 people were in attendance.


The Summer Solstice Evening Launch is scheduled for Saturday, June 21.  It will be held at the VFW soccer fields.

The regular June launch will be held on Saturday, June 28.  It will also be held at the VFW soccer fields.


  • Neal went through a long list of many upcoming outreach events.
  • Date of the MASA summer picnic is TBD.
  • Many FITI kits were donated by Buzz McDermott.

Nowthen Field Status Update:

  • Neal and Ted went through an update on the status of the effort to return to flying rockets at the Nowthen sod fields.
  • Land is zoned for rural residential / agriculture.
  • Need to get an IUP (Interim Use Permit) or an ordinance change.
  • Have to provide $1000 in advance against fees, plus the actual IUP fee.
  • Still hopeful to regain use of the field, but not likely to happen before September.
  • Exploring joint ideas for high power launches with Tripoli Minnesota.

Meeting Topic:  Clusters and Multi-Staging

Those present held an informal discussion about rockets that use clusters of engines or multiple stages.

[Carol Marple]

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