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Last updated: Jan 10, 2010
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January 2014 MASA meeting – Ramsey County Roseville Library

The January 2014 MASA meeting was held on January 2, 2014 at the Roseville Library. 14 people were in attendance.


The next regular club launch is scheduled for Saturday, January 25. It will be held in St. Paul @ McMurray Field (near the Como pool).

Upcoming Events:

  • 1/23 – Countryside Elementary outreach opportunity, 6 – 8 pm. Display with rockets, plus a few club members to talk about rocketry. Neal is the contact.

  • 2/12 – STEM conference at the Mpls Convention Center. MASA member Todd Carpenter said his company Adventium/Andamio Games might have a booth and we could participate with a rocket display. Todd is the contact.

  • NARCON – in Cocoa Beach

  • NSL – in Muskegon, MI

  • NARAM 56 – in Pueblo, CO

  • FiTi program – MASA will be participating in the NARAM 56 FiTi program. Carol will be coordinating this effort. Watch for an announcement on the MASA Yahoo group.

  • TARC program – needs volunteers.

2014 MASA Officers:

Since there was only one candidate for each office, MASA tradition and precedent allowed those candidates to be placed directly into office by a majority vote of those club members present at the meeting.  (motion was made and seconded to place the three candidates directly into office)

The 2014 MASA officers are:  President – Neal Higgins; Vice President – Jeff Taylor; Secretary/Treasurer – Carol Marple. 

Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for serving!


  • It’s time to renew your membership dues. You can renew online using PayPal, or mail your application to the club treasurer.
  • Meetings – consensus is to keep the meetings on the 1st Thursday of the month.
  • Launches – will remain on the 4th Saturday of the month (with a few normal exceptions due to holidays). The group discussed the option of determining a method for consistently rescheduling launches due to weather-related cancellations. Suggestions were to plan a reschedule for the following day (Sunday), then the following Saturday/Sunday.
  • MASA could use more rockets for the Fly-It, Take-It box. FITI rockets are kept on hand at MASA launches. Visiting kids may pick out a rocket, are provided with an engine, get to fly it and take it home. If you would like to build and donate any FITI rockets, please keep them fairly simple and make sure that they can fly on an "A" motor. (we could also use motor donations)
  • Nowthen field status - there is no new news. (See notes from the Nov meeting).

Show -n- Tell:

  • Sean Flynn – showed a rocket called “WTF” (Where’s the Front?”) which has a nose cone on each end.
  • Alan Estenson – offered a number of old National Geographic magazines (many containing space-related articles) to the members at the meeting.

Meeting Topic Suggestions:

  • January – Officer elections and 2014 planning
  • February - Rocket simulation programs – presented by Gary Stroick.  (Meeting is planned for 2/6/14 at the Plymouth Library meeting room.)

  • March - Safety review, including RSO/LCO training and MSDS discussion

  • April - Electronics / dual deploy

  • May – Contest prep discussions or TARC presentations (ask local teams to present as a practice run for the TARC presentations)

  • June – HPR certification prep and Q&A

  • July – no meeting due to the picnic

  • August - Airbrushing techniques (presented by Jeff Taylor)

  • September – need topic and presenter

  • October - Ky Michelson tour

  • November – need topic and presenter

  • December – no meeting due to the holiday party

Additional possible topics

  • Staging / Air starts / Clusters

  • 3D printing

  • Steampunking rockets

  • Making your own igniters

Suggestions for launch themes, contests, and events:

  • Helicopter recovery

  • Micromaxx                              (May)

  • Clusters                                   (June)

  • Kitbash                                    (Picnic in July)

  • Commanche-3 Drag Race     (August)

  • Staging                                    (August)

  • OctoberFast                            (October)

  • Snowball fight                         (November)

  • Crayon rockets

  • Oddrocs

Additional ideas:

Upscale/downscale - rockets that are resized from childhood classics

Themes around specific manufacturers – Semroc, Estes, Flis, Quest, etc.

Themes around odd colorations - Fluorescent rockets - or tie died ones in honor of Neal  

We are 50 years after 1964 - first Gemini flight was that year (though unmanned - first manned was 1965)


[Carol Marple]

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